How To Load Satellite

People really like using TV services that are ready to use. You don’t need to pay a lot of money for cable or wait in line to pay bills anymore.

Here’s how to load Satellite: SatLite and Gcash have cool ways for you to quickly add money. This means you only pay for the TV you want when you want to watch it.

This service helps more people watch cable TV. They like it because they can pay when they want to watch instead of signing up for expensive contracts. Gcash makes it super easy to watch TV and add money, just as easy as counting to three.

SatLite has different packages you can pick from:

For a short time (3 days):

  • Tingi Load: It’s good for 3 days.
  • Load 10: You can watch 24 channels.
  • Load 15: You get to choose from 39 channels.
  • Load 25: This one gives access to 46 channels.

For a longer time (30 days):

  • Regular Load: Good for 30 days.
  • Load 99: Gives access to 39 channels.
  • Load 199: Includes 46 channels.
  • Load 299: Offers a selection of 51 channels.

How to Load Satlite Using GCash

How to load Satitle using GCash

How To Load Satellite


Open your Gcash app and select “View All.”

How To Load Satellite


In the “Pay” section, tap on the icon for Non-Telco Load.

How To Load Satellite


Type in your Gcash number. That’s where you’ll get the PIN and serial number.

How To Load Satellite


Navigate to the PAYTV tab.

How To Load Satellite


Look for SatLite Load. Choose the package you want, and then click or tap “Next.”

How To Load Satellite


Click Pay.

How To Load Satellite


After that, you’ll see a page that confirms your choice.

How To Load Satellite


Wait for a text message that has your SatLite PIN. Write down this PIN because you’ll need it for your next task.

How To Load Satellite


Close the Gcash application.

How to Load Satlite Using PIN

Once you finish all the steps and get your PIN, here’s what you do next to finish everything using that PIN.

Step 1

Use your phone to text SATLITE (then put a space), your PIN (put another space), and your Satlite Account Number to 5353. For example, type SATLITE 12345678901234 9898123 and send it to 5353.

Step 2

Wait for a text saying your reload was successful.

SatLite has a deal called “Buy 1, Take 2” for new users. From January 1 to June 30, 2021, if you’re new, buy one month and get three months of service! You can also get this deal using Gcash.

Life’s comforts shouldn’t be hard or expensive. SatLite makes it easy to pay with Gcash. You don’t need extra papers—just your TV and phone, and you’re ready to go.

How to load Satlite using Maya

Here’s how to load SatLite in 9 simple steps:

  • Download the Maya app. Get the Maya app first.
  • Open the app and go to “Load.” Open the app and find where it says “Load.”
  • Choose “SatLite” in the “Entertainment” section. Look for “SatLite” in the “Entertainment” part.
  • Pick Your Load: Decide if you want the regular SatLite load or the Tingi load.
  • Enter your account number and continue: Type in your SatLite account number and tap “Next.”
  • Finish the transaction: Slide the button to finish.
  • Get an EPIN via text: Wait for a text with your EPIN.
  • Activate your EPIN:
    • Online: Go to and put in your SatLite account number and PIN.
    • Text: Use your Smart/Sun/TNT SIM phone. Text the SATLITE EPIN account number to 5353.
  • Activate Load on SatLite Box: Make sure your SatLite box is ready. Wait for the load to start. Once it’s on, you can watch your favorite TV shows.

Follow these easy steps, and your satellite will be reloaded and set for fun!


In conclusion, knowing how to load a Satellite means you can enjoy entertainment without any interruptions. By following these simple steps, you can recharge easily and never miss your favorite shows. SatLite, along with Gcash, makes it easy to customize your entertainment. Forget about hard steps—now it’s easy to enjoy SatLite. Stay connected, have fun, and enjoy every moment with SatLite!


How do I check the expiration of my satellite load?

To check your SatLite Load subscription status, use your Smart, TNT, or Sun SIM-enabled phone. Send a text saying SATLITE EXP, followed by your satellite account number, to 5353.

My load hasn’t arrived yet. When will it reflect?

Your SatLite load should come in later today. If it doesn’t show up right away, it might be because the system is busy dealing with lots of requests right now.

Can I load another offer while my current satellite load is still active?

When your current load ends, you can choose a different one, like switching from load 49 to load 99, if you want.

An error occurred while I was reloading my satellite. What will I do?

If you have trouble reloading and it doesn’t work, you can call this number: (02) 88-888-222 if you’re in Greater Manila Area. Or you can use this toll-free number: #88-222 for the provinces.

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