0992 What Network? Smart or Globe?

Is it Smart or Globe Network with 0992? Well, it’s neither! The 0992 mobile prefix belongs to DITO Telecommunity in the Philippines. They’re a big telecom company there, and they have more than 8 mobile prefixes. DITO has over 300 employees at their main office in Udenna Tower, Bonifacio Global City. In 2021, DITO made about 2 billion pesos in revenue, according to their report.

0992: What NetworkDito Telecom
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Last UpdatedDecember 24, 2023

About 0992 Mobile Network

In the Philippines, if you see a number starting with 0992 or 63992, it means it’s from Dito Telecom. Those first four digits in a phone number, called the mobile prefix, give away which network it’s on. So, if someone’s number is 09921234567, the “0992” part means they’re using Dito.

What is a mobile prefix?

Alright, check this out! The first four numbers in your phone number are called the mobile prefix. These numbers tell you which phone club you’re in, like DITO’s 0992 club.

What is the area code in the Philippines?

Talking about phone numbers in the Philippines, there’s this special code everyone uses: +63. Every mobile phone in the Philippines, no matter which club it’s in, uses this code.

Choosing a DITO Telecommunity SIM card offers various benefits:

  1. Fancy Technology: DITO uses super cool tech for phones, making their service top-notch.
  2. Data Deals: They’ve got deals for heavy data users that are super attractive and give you great bang for your buck.
  3. Big Network Coverage: DITO is spreading out fast to cover lots of places in the country, aiming to reach everyone.
  4. Special Deals: DITO often brings in sweet deals, like extra data or discounted prices, to make their offer even better.
  5. Super-Fast Internet: With the help of new tech, DITO gives you high-speed internet, making streaming, browsing, and downloading a breeze.
  6. Cheap Calls and Texts: Talking and texting won’t break the bank with DITO; they’ve got affordable rates for chatting within their group and on other networks.
  7. Easy App: They’ve got this cool phone app that’s easy to use. You can manage your DITO stuff and keep track of your usage without any fuss.
  8. Services: Since they’re the new kids on the block, DITO likes to surprise you with fresh and cool services to make your experience even better.
  9. Helpful Support: If you need help, DITO’s got your back with their customer support. They’re quick to fix any problems or answer your questions.
  10. More Connections: DITO is on a mission to connect more people, especially in places where others don’t reach. That way, everyone can join in on the fun.

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How do I purchase DITO Load online?

To buy DITO Load online, get their official app on your Android or iPhone.

How do I check your DITO load balance?

Via DITO Telecommunity APP
  1. 1. Get the real DITO app on your phone.
  2. 2. Put in your current and working phone number on the app.
  3. 3. Open the app to check out more information about your number, like how much load you have and when it expires.
Via DITO Telecommunity Website
  1. Visit the DITO Telecommunity website and go to the sign-up page.
  2. 2. Sign up using your working DITO mobile number.
  3. 3. After signing up, log in to your account. You can check out all the information about your DITO number there. You can also add a load to your number on their website and pay online.


If you want to know all about DITO Telecommunity and mobile prefixes, check out this article for everything you need!


The number 0992 is from DITO Telecommunity. Save it or tell your family! Wondering about other phone numbers and their networks? Check out the full and up-to-date list of Philippine mobile network prefixes.

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