How to Load GSAT Using GCash

These days, we can do tons of stuff on our phones, right? Well, there’s this cool app called GCash. With GCash, you can easily add loads to GSAT. It’s like having a wallet on your phone where you can pay bills and buy things without any trouble.

Step-by-Step Guide to loading GSAT via GCash

Top up your GSAT box via GCash effortlessly. New to GCash? Sign up on this page to earn ₱50 after verification and initial cash-in. Need help with GCash account creation and verification? Check out this article.

Follow these steps to load GSAT using GCash:

Step 1: Open the GCash app on your phone and use your MPIN to log in. Once you’re in, find and tap on “Buy Load.

How to Load GSAT Using GCash

Step 2: Input or select the mobile number (not the GSAT box number) to which the GSAT PIN will be sent. Then, press “NEXT” to proceed.

How to Load GSAT Using GCash

Step 3: Go to the “PAYTV” part in the load menu. You might have to swipe left to find it.

Step 4: Choose how much GSAT load you want from these options:

  1. GPinoy99 (for GPinoy Box only) gives you 45 TV programs and 14 radio stations for 30 days.
  2. GSAT 200 (for HD Box only): comes with 60 TV programs and 14 radio stations for 30 days.
  3. GSAT 300 (for HD Box only): Provides 85 TV programs and 14 radio stations for 30 days.
  4. GSAT 500 (for HD Box only): lets you enjoy 111 TV programs and 14 radio stations for 30 days.

When you’ve picked the GSAT load you want, tap or click “NEXT” to continue.

How to Load GSAT Using GCash

Step 5: Look over your payment details. If everything looks good to you, just tap the “PAY” button to finish buying.

How to Load GSAT Using GCash

Step 6: After you pay, GCash will send you two messages. One will say your load transaction is done, and the other will have your GSAT PIN.

Just wait a bit for the messages to come. Don’t worry if you don’t get your GSAT PIN right away. If it doesn’t come within an hour, you can call GCash at 2882 or email for help.

How to Load GSAT Using GCash

Once you get your GSAT PIN, the next thing is to use it so it adds the load to your GSAT account. Keep reading to learn how to do that and get your GSAT working.

How to Redeem Your GSAT PIN

You can do two things to use your GSAT PIN and add load to your box: go on the GSAT website or use text messages.

The GSAT website is like a place online where you can do things yourself. You can put in your GSAT PIN there, and it’ll add the load to your GSAT account.

Here’s what you do to use your GSAT load on the website:

  1. Go to the GSAT website.
  2. Put in these things:
    • Your GSAT box number or serial number.
    • The GSAT PIN you got in the text after buying on GCash.
  3. Do the “I’m not a robot” thing.
  4. Click “Submit.”
How to Load GSAT Using GCash

After you finish loading on the website, you’ll see a message that says it worked. It means the PIN will add the load to your GSAT box number.

How to Load GSAT Using GCash

To check if your GSAT box got the load, go to this webpage and type in your GSAT box number. If you have a GPinoy box, use this different webpage instead.

To learn more about managing your transaction history, check out our guide on How to Delete Transaction History in GCash.

How to Redeem GSAT PIN via SMS

Another way to load on GSAT is by sending a text with the PIN and your GSAT/GPinoy box number. Here’s how to do it:


Send a text like this from your phone: GSAT <Your Box Number> <Your PIN> to either 09088864728 or 09178114728.

For example: GSAT 7740537123456789 2345678910111213.

For GPinoy Box

On your phone, write a text like this: GPINOY <Your Box Number> <Your PIN>, and send it to either 09989751200 or 09178867360.

For instance: GPINOY 7740537012345678 1234567891011121.

How to Load GSAT Using GCash

How to Know Your GSAT Box Number

To find your GSAT box number:

  1. Look under your green GSAT set-top box. You’ll find a number with 12 or 16 digits. It might have “SN” written next to it, which means serial number.
    • For GPinoy boxes, the number starts at 77405370.
    • For GSAT boxes, it begins with 77405371, 018, or 025.
  2. Another way is to press the “INFO” button on your GSAT remote control.

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Can I buy a GSAT load if my GCash account is not yet verified?

You can still add loads to GSAT using GCash, even if your GCash account is basic and not verified. If you want to know more about GCash verification and its limits, you can read about it in this helpful article.

Can I load Gsat using Gcash if I don’t have a smartphone?

You can put a load on GSAT using GCash even if you don’t have a smartphone. Just visit a GCash partner store like 7-Eleven or Ministop and ask the cashier to help you load your GSAT account using GCash.

How do I activate my GSAT?

You can sign up by sending a text to these numbers: 4681-4769 if you’re with Smart or Sun, or 09191604728 if you’re with Globe or TM. Or, you can check out our new online loading website too.

How do I load GSAT online?

Carefully scratch off the label to see the security code. Then, on your phone, type: GSAT ACCESS CARD <Your Security Code>. Send it to +63908-886-4728 (SMART). You’ll get a message confirming your load. For example, your IRD will start working in about 5 minutes.

Can I load Gsat using Gcash if I don’t have a Gcash account?

Sorry, but to load GSAT using GCash, you need a GCash account. If you don’t have one yet, you can make one quickly by following the steps in the GCash app.


In today’s digital world, using GCash to load your GSAT subscription is super handy. Now that you have these steps, you’re all set to make it easy. No more physical cards or waiting! Just use GCash and enjoy uninterrupted entertainment whenever you want!

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