How to Load DITO SIM Using GCash

Nowadays, using mobile phones is really important for all of us. There’s a new company called Dito Telecommunity that provides phone services, giving us more choices for connecting with our phones. If you have a Dito SIM card, you can add money to it using an app called GCash. This app helps you easily put money on your Dito SIM without any trouble. In this guide, we’ll show you step-by-step how to load a DITO SIM using GCash, so you can keep using your phone without any problems.

Steps to load the DITO SIM using GCash:

1: Access the DITO App

2: Tap on the “Purchase Load” icon

3: Choose the desired load value

4: Complete the payment using a debit or credit card, Gcash, GrabPay, Maya, WeChat, or DITO Points

Upon completion, a notification confirming the successful top-up will be sent to you.

Open an account on the DITO App:

First, go to the Play Store and download an app called DITO. After it’s downloaded, open the app. When you see the words “You can handle multiple accounts” on the first screen, ignore that and tap the “SKIP” button in the top right corner instead. Then, choose “GET STARTED” and sign in using your DITO phone number. If you prefer, you can also sign in using a code sent to you via text message. Just enter your DITO number and wait for the code in a text message. Once you get the code, copy and paste it into the app to finish signing in. Lastly, click the “I AGREE” button to say you agree with the rules and terms.

How to Load Your DITO SIM Using GCash

Lots of people are using GCash to buy phone loads instead of going to stores. GCash is like a digital wallet where you can do things without using cash, like sending money, paying bills, buying stuff online, and, most importantly, getting a load for your phone.

If you don’t have a GCash account yet, you can sign up for free using this link. When you verify your account, you’ll get ₱50 for free. Check out this article for help with signing up and verifying your GCash account. You don’t have to verify your account just to buy a load, but if you want to add money to your GCash wallet, you’ll need to do it.

These are the steps to load your DITO SIM using the GCash app:

Step 1: Open the GCash app and type in your MPIN to get into your account. When you’re on the main screen, pick the “Buy Load” choice from the home screen.

Step 2: Type in the DITO phone number you want to add a load to, or if you want, pick it up from your contacts. After that, click or tap the “Next” button to continue.

How to Load Your DITO SIM Using GCash
How to Load Your DITO SIM Using GCash

Step 3: Now, you’ll see different load amounts for different phone companies like Smart, Globe, and DITO. To buy a DITO load, find the DITO section, choose how much you want, and then click or tap the “Next” button to go ahead.

How to Load Your DITO SIM Using GCash
How to Load Your DITO SIM Using GCash

Step 4: Look at the details of your transaction, and then press the “Pay” button.

Step 5: After you’ve bought the load successfully, you’ll get texts (SMS) confirming it from both GCash and DITO. Also, don’t forget to check your load balance in the DITO app to make sure it’s updated.

How to Load DITO SIM Using GCash
How to Load DITO SIM Using GCash

What network is DITO SIM?

The DITO SIM card is made by DITO Telecommunity Corporation, which used to be known as Mindanao Islamic Telephone Company Inc. (Mislatel). This company from the Philippines provides different services like mobile load, data, and ways to call and text.

How to Buy and Load on the DITO Mobile App

The DITO mobile app gives you access to lots of DITO services. With this app, you can easily check your account balance, buy loads, share data, join promotions, chat with DITO support, and do more stuff without texting or calling. If you haven’t got the DITO app on your phone yet, you can download it from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Follow these steps to load your DITO SIM using the DITO mobile app:

  1. Open the DITO app and sign in using your DITO number and password. You can find your password in the welcome text message you got when you activated your DITO SIM.
  2. Tap “Purchase Load” on the main screen of the DITO app.
  3. Choose the amount of load you want (like ₱10, ₱30, ₱50, etc.) or type in your own amount. Your DITO number will be there already, but you can change it if you want. Click “Buy Load” to move forward.
  4. Now, pick how you want to pay. There are four options: debit/credit card, WeChat Pay, GCash, and GrabPay. After choosing, tap “Proceed to Payment.
  5. If you choose GCash, put in your GCash number and tap “Next.”
  6. Type in the 6-digit code sent to your GCash number and tap “Next.”
  7. Enter your 4-digit GCash MPIN, then tap “Next.”
  8. Double-check your payment information to make sure you have enough money. If everything’s right, select “Pay.”
  9. When the transaction is successful, DITO will send you a message to confirm. You can also check your new load balance in the DITO app to make sure everything’s updated.


Is there a minimum or maximum amount I can load using GCash?

The least and most you can load might change, depending on what Dito and GCash say. It’s a good idea to look at the rules in the GCash app to see the exact limits before you buy a load.

What is the meaning of DITO?

DITO means DITO Telecommunity Corporation. Before, it was known as Mindanao Islamic Telephone Company, Inc. (Mislatel). DITO is a company from the Philippines that does things in telecommunications, multimedia, and information technology.

Is there a fee for using GCash to load my Dito SIM?

GCash might ask for a small fee for some things you do, like putting a load on your Dito SIM. They’ll tell you how much it is when you do the transaction.

What happens if my GCash wallet balance is insufficient for the transaction?

If your GCash wallet doesn’t have enough money for the load you want, the transaction won’t happen. Make sure you add enough money to your GCash wallet before trying to load your Dito SIM.

Can We Use DITO SIM On Another Phone?

The DITO SIM card works best with special DITO-compatible VoLTE phones because DITO uses really advanced technology. It’s suggested that you use the DITO SIM with a phone that works with it to get the best benefits.


In today’s fast world, being simple and quick is really important. Using GCash to load your DITO SIM is both easy and fast. With just a few taps on your phone, you can add a load to your DITO SIM and keep using it. Make sure you have enough money in your GCash, check everything carefully, and use any deals available. If you follow these steps and tips, you’ll be an expert at loading your DITO SIM using GCash. Stay connected, and stay easy!

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