How To Loan Load in Globe

In the Philippines, staying connected through phones is really important. Globe Telecom is a big company that helps people stay connected easily. Sometimes, when you’re low on load, it can be a problem. But Globe has a helpful service called “How to Loan Load in Globe” that can solve this. This guide helps you borrow loads from Globe. That way, you can keep chatting with your family and friends and using the internet, even if your phone credit is almost gone. Let’s learn how simple it is to borrow a load from Globe and make sure you always stay connected.

How To Loan Load in Globe

How to Borrow Load from Globe

Globe lets you borrow loads or promos when you’re low. It helps you stay connected, even if you’re out of load, which is super useful during important times.

You can borrow small amounts like ₱5 or ₱10 load or popular promos like GoSurf10 and GoUnli25. But, remember, there’s an extra fee on top of what you borrow.

How to Borrow Load from Globe:

To borrow loads or promos from Globe, just do this:

  1. Send a text message with the word loan and the keyword 3733. For instance, if you need ₱5 loads, text LOAD LOAD5 to 3733 in the right way.


  1. Dial *143# and pick the loan option to use this service easily.
How To Loan Load in Globe

Check out the table below. It shows the borrow load keywords, what they do, how long they last, the normal prices, and the loan prices. Pick the one that fits what you need.

List of Globe Loan Load and Promo Offers:

Loan KeywordInstagram AccessValidityRegular RateLoan Rate
LOAN LOAD5₱5 load3 days₱5₱6
LOAN LOAD10₱10 load3 days₱10₱12
LOAN LOAD15₱15 load3 days₱15₱18
LOAN LOAD20₱20 load15 days₱20₱24
LOAN LOAD25₱25 load15 days₱25₱30
LOAN LOAD30₱30 load15 days₱30₱36
LOAN LOAD35₱35 load15 days₱35₱42
LOAN LOAD40₱40 load15 days₱40₱48
LOAN LOAD45₱45 load15 days₱45₱54
LOAN LOAD50₱50 load15 days₱50₱60
SURFSOS5MB mobile internet data1 day₱5₱5
LOAN GOSURF1040MB mobile internet data1 day₱10₱12
LOAN GOSURF1550MB mobile internet data (surfing)2 days₱15₱18
LOAN GOSURF30150MB mobile internet data (surfing)2 days₱30₱36
LOAN GOSURF501GB mobile internet data3 days₱50₱60
LOAN SUPERFB10Facebook access1 day₱10₱12
LOAN SUPERFB15Facebook access2 days₱15₱18
LOAN SULITXT15100 texts to Globe/TM1 day₱15₱18
LOAN GOTxt19Plus20-minute calls to Globe/TM1 day₱19₱23
LOAN GOUNLI20Unlimited Globe/TM calls1 day₱20₱24
LOAN GOUNLI25Unlimited calls to Globe/TM1 day₱25₱30
LOAN GOUNLI30Unlimited Globe/TM calls1 day₱30₱36
LOAN GOUNLI50Unlimited calls to Globe/TM3 days₱50₱60
LOAN GOUNLI25FBUnlimited calls to Globe/TM1 day₱25₱30
LOAN VIBER10Viber access1 day₱10₱12
LOAN TWITTER10Twitter access1 day₱10₱12
LOAN GOOGLE15Google access1 day₱15₱18
LOAN IG20Instagram access1 day₱20₱24
LOAN WATTPAD520MB Wattpad access1 day₱5₱6
LOAN YOUTUBE10100MB YouTube and DailyMotion access1 day₱10₱12

These loans give you different choices for talking and using data according to what you need.


Globe helps prepaid users by letting them borrow loads, which is super helpful, especially when getting loads is tough. If you borrow, make sure to pay it back on time so you can borrow again when needed.

For more information on borrowing loads, text LOAN INFO to 3733 or check the Globe website. If you need help, call Globe customer service at 211.


Promo and Load Loan Offer? What’s this and who can use this?

Stay connected without interruptions! If your balance is low, you can still get promotions and loads. These emergency offers are available for all Globe Prepaid users.

What are the types of loans, and who is eligible?

Find out about our two different loan options:

  1. Emergency Loans: These are for all Globe Prepaid users. When you urgently need to communicate, these loans help you out.
  2. Load/Promo Loans: These are for selected Globe Prepaid users. Borrow load and promo credits to keep connected and buy promos when your balance is low.

How do I become eligible to borrow promos or load?

Your chance to get different promotions and loads depends on how long you’ve used Globe Prepaid, how you load, and how you use your phone. If these things change, you might qualify for different promotions or loads.

But don’t worry! We have emergency deals for everyone using Globe Prepaid. You can see the list of these offers above.

What is the service fee? How much will the total amount be for a deduction?

The service fee is like a payment you make in advance to use the service, even before you pay for what you borrowed.

When they take away the money, they’ll take the regular cost of what you borrowed plus the service fee. Here’s how they add up the total amount they’ll charge you:

Load / Promo AmountService FeeTotal Amount for Deduction

To explore UTANG Offers for TM customers, please visit

How do I borrow these promos or load amounts?

Just send the special word to 3733. Soon, you’ll get a text telling you that you can use the service. Or, you can dial *143# and pick “Loans” from the choices to see what loans you can get.

Remember, you may register and use these emergency promotions even without loading.

But, remember, you can only have one loan at a time. So, make sure to pay back any loans you haven’t paid yet before asking for a new one.

Here are other ways you can borrow promos or load:

Using *143#:

To sign up:

  1. Choose “Loans.”
  2. Pick from the menu options.
  3. Select the loan you want.
  4. Click on “Subscribe.”

To check what you have left:

  1. Pick “Loans.”
  2. Choose “Status.”
  3. Click on “Loan Promo Status.”

Via the GlobeOne app:

  1. Open the GlobeOne app.
  2. Look for the ‘Buy’ menu at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Make sure you’re in the ‘Buy Globe Prepaid’ section at the top.
  4. Tap on ‘Loans.’
  5. Pick the loan you want.

Via Facebook:

While using Free Facebook, click on ‘Buy Data’ to view all the available offers.

How soon can I start using the loan service? Is the service available at any time?

The loan service is available all the time. You can use it anytime you want with your Globe Prepaid SIM card.

Can I borrow promos or load them multiple times?

You can only borrow one loan at a time, whether it’s for a promo or load. Once you pay back what you owe from your last loan, you can ask for a new one.

Remember, your ability to get a loan might change every month. They’ll let you know about any changes in your ability to borrow through a text message offer they send you.

Can I use these offers while abroad?

Sorry, but you can only sign up and use the loan service if you’re in the Philippines.

I tried to register for the service by texting a loan keyword to 3733 but received an error message!

Here are a few reasons why this might be happening:

  1. The word you typed might be wrong. If you’re not sure, try registering using *143#! There, you can see the latest offers you can get.
  2. You might not qualify for borrowing that specific amount.
  3. Sometimes, the system has a little problem. Try using the loan service again later.
  4. If you already borrowed money and haven’t paid it back, you need to do that first. You can buy some loads, and we’ll take off what you owe. Or if you have enough load, text “PAY LOAN” to 3733.

I received a confirmation message that I had successfully borrowed a promo. How can I check my remaining promo balance and when they will expire?

To check your balance, just send the right words to 3733:


To find more promo loan offers, you can try these:

  1. Dial *143#, then pick LOANS > Status > Loan Promo Status.
  2. Send BAL to 3733, like LOANSURF30 BAL, LOAN GO50 BAL, and LOAN GOUNLI50 BAL.

How do I pay for my existing loan, and how will I know if it has been settled?


To finish paying your loan, buy a load that’s equal to or more than what you borrowed. We’ll take the loan amount from your reload.


Another way is to pay yourself by texting “PAY LOAN” to 3733. Make sure you have enough for both the loan and the service fee before you send the text.

When you’ve paid, you’ll get a text from 3733 saying your loan is all settled.


Starting on February 3, 2023, if you haven’t paid back your loan for 14 days or more, whenever you buy less than what you owe, we’ll take a bit of that money to pay off your loan.

Let’s say you owe P10. When you buy a load, we’ll take everything you owe except P1. That money will go towards paying off your loan bit by bit. This way, you can pay back what you owe slowly instead of paying a lot all at once.

Each time you buy a load, we’ll subtract the total amount you owe from it.

How do I unsubscribe from my loaned promo?

Simply send the appropriate keyword to 3733 in the following format:


For instance:


Is there a minimum load amount for collection?

We’ll take away a part of your first purchase every day, once every 24 hours, until you’ve paid off the whole loan.

After payment, can I borrow from the loan service again?

Sure, after you pay back what you owe now, you can ask for another loan if you need it.

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