How to Activate Globe SIM

Welcome to our guide on how to activate your Globe SIM card. We’ll take you through the steps to get it going so you can use your phone without any problems. Whether you have a Globe SIM or need to turn it back on, we’ve got your back. Let’s make activating your Globe SIM super easy for you.

Understanding Globe SIM Activation

When you activate your Globe SIM card, it’s like turning on the superpowers of your phone. You can make calls, send texts, and use the internet. This is important because it’s the first thing you need to do to start using Globe Telecom’s services. So, activating your SIM is the key to unlocking all the things your phone can do with Globe.

What You Need

To activate your Globe SIM, you’ll need the following:

  • A Globe SIM card
  • A valid ID
  • A working mobile phone
  • A reliable internet connection (for online activation)

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Here’s how to activate your Globe prepaid or postpaid SIM to start using it

Got a new Globe SIM card? Whether you’re new to Globe or switching from another phone company, activating your Globe SIM is like opening the door to a super-fast internet world. Once it’s activated, you can start sending texts, making calls, and checking out stuff on the internet.

The new Globe SIMs are like superheroes—they’re ready for super-fast 5G internet! But if 5G isn’t available where you are or you don’t have a 5G phone yet, no worries. Your new Globe SIM can still use 4G, LTE, and 3G, so you’re always connected, no matter what.

Alright, if you’re still using an old 3G SIM, it’s time to level up to a faster one, like LTE or 5G. Getting an LTE upgrade is super easy, and you won’t lose your old number. Text “UPGRADE” to 8080 with your old non-LTE SIM. Then, pop in the new SIM and enter the 6-digit code they give you. Boom, you’re upgraded to the latest and greatest tech!

Now, the brand-new Globe 5G-ready prepaid SIM is good. It comes with ₱1 starting credit and a bonus of 1GB of mobile data, good for 7 days. Download the GlobeOne app to grab that. Plus, if you sign up with GCash using your new number, you get an extra ₱50 and another 1GB of data.

Ready to kickstart your new SIM? Sometimes, Globe activates it when you put it on your phone. But if not, no biggie—you can do it yourself. Let me know if you’re good to go!

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3 Ways to Activate Your New Globe SIM

Follow these methods to activate the Globe SIM.

Dial *143#

  1. Dial *143# on your phone.
  2. Find and click on “My Account.”
  3. Choose “Data Balance” from the options.
  4. You’ll get a text message in reply.
  5. Check for a welcome message in that text. If you see it, your Globe SIM is all set and ready to use!

Call 222

If the first way didn’t work, don’t worry! You’ve got another way to make your Globe SIM ready.

Call 222; it’s like a robot assistant. After you make the call, you’ll get some text messages saying, “Welcome to Globe!” and telling you how much credit you have. When you get those messages, you know your Globe SIM is good to go. Now, you can start texting, calling, or using the internet!

How to Activate Globe SIM

Turn on mobile data

The easiest way to make your Globe SIM work is by turning on mobile data. Pop your new SIM into your phone, turn on mobile data, and wait. Globe will notice your SIM trying to connect to the internet and send you a friendly text saying, “Welcome to Globe!” That’s a sign your SIM is good to go!

A quick tip: If you want free mobile data from Globe, first download the GlobeOne app. Then, you can surf the internet without worrying. To get your free 1GB of data or access the internet, use the GlobeOne app or buy a prepaid load and choose an internet promo.

Activation via Online Portal

  1. Visit the Globe website.
  2. Log in to your account or create one if you’re a new user.
  3. Click on the “Activate SIM” option.
  4. Enter your SIM card details.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Your SIM will be activated online, and you’ll receive a confirmation email.

Activation via Customer Service

If you want someone to help you out with your SIM card, give a ring to Globe’s customer service. Dial the hotline, follow the instructions, and you’ll talk to a friendly person who’ll guide you step by step.

Common Activation Issues

Sometimes, activating stuff can be a bit tricky. Here are some common problems people run into:

  • Messing up the details while activating online.
  • Not having enough load for texting activation.
  • Network troubles stop text activation.
  • Using an old SIM card.

Troubleshooting Tips

To fix these problems:

  • Make sure to check your details when activating online.
  • Have enough load for texting activation.
  • Check if you have a good network, or try another spot.
  • If your SIM is old, think about getting a new one.

Benefits of Activated SIM

Once your Globe SIM is ready to roll, it lets you do a bunch of stuff with Globe. You can make calls, send texts, and use the internet. Having an activated SIM means you can stay in touch with your friends and family, surf the web, and grab some deals from Globe. It’s like unlocking a whole bunch of possibilities!

Securing Your SIM Card

For the security of your SIM card and account, it’s crucial to safeguard your PIN and PUK codes. In case of a lost or stolen SIM card, report it to Globe. Guard your personal information to prevent any unauthorized access.


In conclusion, activating your Globe SIM is super easy and lets you connect to everything. Whether it’s super-fast 5G or reliable 4G/LTE, Globe makes sure you can stay connected without any trouble. Plus, you get free data and bonuses. So, why wait? Activate your Globe SIM now and enjoy being connected like never before!

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Do I need to load my Globe SIM before activating it?

There is no need to worry about putting money on your SIM before activating it. You can activate your Globe SIM without adding any credit to it. It’s all good!

I wasn’t able to activate my Globe SIM despite following all the steps. What should I do?

If you’re having trouble activating your Globe SIM, don’t worry! Ask for help. Give a ring to 211 for free, or pop by the closest Globe store. They’ll help you out and guide you through it.

How do I report a lost Globe SIM?

If you lose your Globe SIM or someone swipes it, head to the nearest Globe store. Take a valid ID and any other papers they need. They’ll help you report it and get a new one.

Can I activate a Globe SIM card abroad?

Yes, you can make your SIM work from anywhere with good internet.

Is it possible to keep my old number when switching to a Globe SIM?

Yes! You can keep your old number when you switch to a Globe SIM card. They call this number porting.

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