0991 What Network? Smart or Globe?

If you have a phone number that starts with 0991, it belongs to either Smart or Globe, right? Well, it’s by DITO Telecommunity in the Philippines. DITO is a big telecom company with more than 8 different phone number prefixes in the country. They have a bunch of employees working in their office in Udenna Tower, Bonifacio Global City. In 2021, DITO made around 2 billion pesos in revenue, according to their report.

0991: What NetworkDito Telecom
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What are the features of the 0991 network?

The 0991 network has many things about it. Let me tell you about some of them:

High-Quality Internet

The 0991 network is a phone number because it gives you really good internet. People who use it say they love the internet service from Dito Network.

Discounted Top Ups

The 0991 Network gives you cheap deals on adding money to your phone if you want a budget-friendly network. They have lots of options for adding money to the internet, talking on the phone, and sending texts.

Convenient Communication

0991 is a special Dito telecommunity number that helps you talk easily with others. It has technology that makes talking from one place to another super easy.

Easy to Register Sim

The 0991 is like Dito Telecommunity’s special phone number. It’s a really good telecom network that lets you easily sign up and get a SIM card. The sign-up process is easy; you just need to submit a few documents and they check things in person to make sure they’re all good.

What are the advantages of the Dito Telecommunity Network?

Using the Dito Telecommunity network in the Philippines comes with many benefits. Check out these things about Dito Telecommunity:

  1. Fast & Cheap Internet: Dito Telecommunity is perfect for people who want fast internet that doesn’t cost too much. They have good internet service, and the prices are reasonable.
  2. Easy Talk Anywhere: With Dito Telecommunity, you can easily talk to your friends or family, no matter where they are. It’s a handy network for calling and texting.
  3. Affordable Packages: Dito Telecommunity offers great deals on their mobile SIM packages. They’re not only good but also budget-friendly.
  4. Helpful Customer Support: Dito Telecommunity has a super helpful team to assist you. If you have questions or problems, their customer care team is quick and efficient in giving you the help you need.

What are the mobile prefixes in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, mobile prefixes are the first four numbers in an 11-digit phone number. Think of them like special codes that tell you which company the phone number is from.

Knowing these codes is useful, especially in the Philippines. It helps you figure out which network the number is part of. This way, you can make smart choices about talking or texting, taking advantage of the different services and promotions each network offers.

What is a mobile prefix?

The mobile prefix is the first four numbers in your phone number. These numbers tell you which phone company you’re with. Like, if your number starts with 0991, it means you’re with DITO.

What is the area code in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, all mobile numbers use the same area code, which is +63. It’s like a universal code for phones in the country, no matter which network you’re on.

How do I purchase DITO Load online?

To buy DITO Telecommunity Load online, get their official app on your Android or iOS phone.

How to Check Your DITO Load Balance?

Via DITO Telecommunity APP
  1. Get the real DITO Mobile app.
  2. Sign up using your current and working phone number in the app.
  3. Open the app to check out more information about your number, like how much load you have and when it expires.


To learn all about DITO Telecommunity and mobile prefixes, check out this article. It has everything you need!

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The number 0991 is like a special code you see on your phone when someone calls you, like 09912345678 or +63991. People often wonder which network it belongs to: Globe, Dito, or Smart. Well, it’s part of the Dito Telecommunity!

Dito Telecommunity is the biggest telecom network in the Philippines. They offer services like super-fast internet, easy communication, easy sign-up, and deals on adding money to your phone.

If you have 0991 or Dito, it’s perfect for saving money and getting lots of benefits. It’s a great choice to start your phone journey!


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