DITO Telecommunity Mobile Prefixes 2024: Your Handy Guide to DITO’s Phone Numbers

If you want to know all the phone numbers that start with DITO, here’s a big list for you. DITO Telecommunity is a big phone company in the Philippines, and they have over 3 million people using their service. The company started in 1998, which was 24 years ago. It used to be called Mindanao Islamic Telephone Company, but it changed its name to DITO Telecommunity on March 8, 2021, and that’s when it officially started offering its services to everyone.

Are mobile prefixes important?

Yes! Knowing your mobile prefix is important because it tells you which phone company you’re using.

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How many telecom providers are in the Philippines?

Right now, there are 6 big phone companies in our country. They are SMART, DITO, GLOBE, SUN, TM, and TNT.

Complete List of DITO Telecommunity Mobile Prefixes

Mobile PrefixesNetwork Providers
0895Dito Telecommunity
0896Dito Telecommunity
0897Dito Telecommunity
0898Dito Telecommunity
0991Dito Telecommunity
0992Dito Telecommunity
0993Dito Telecommunity
0994Dito Telecommunity


Does the Philippines have 5G Internet connections?

Yes, in many big cities across the Philippines, they’re ready for 5G now!

What is the mobile number area code in the Philippines?

If you’re calling someone in the Philippines, you start with +63 and then type in their 10-digit phone number.

How many active mobile subscribers are in the Philippines?

In 2019, 169 million people were using mobile phones in the Philippines. The number might go up more because of the ongoing pandemic.

Why is it important to determine the sender’s mobile number prefix?

In the Philippines, it’s really important to know which phone company a number belongs to. This helps you figure out what kind of call or text plan you should get to talk to someone. But don’t stress about it too much because most phone companies have cheap plans that let you call and text anyone, no matter which company they’re with.


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