Guide to Smart Communications Mobile Prefixes 2024

If you want to know all the phone numbers that start with Smart Communications, I’ve got a full list for you. Smart Communications is a really big and popular phone company in the Philippines. They have more than 73 million people using their service as of 2020. According to OAKLA, which checks internet speeds, Smart Communications is making mobile internet fast in the Philippines. OAKLA found that, on average, Smart Communications gives you about 18 megabits per second for downloading and 5.61 megabits per second for uploading on phones. And for the internet at home, it’s even faster, with about 49.10 megabits per second for downloading and 46.92 megabits per second for uploading.

Are mobile prefixes important?

Yes! Knowing mobile prefixes is like having a sign that tells you which phone company someone uses. It helps you figure out who their telecommunications provider is.

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How many telecom providers are in the Philippines?

Right now, there are 6 big phone companies in our country. They are SMART, DITO, GLOBE, SUN, TM, and TNT.

Complete List of SMART Communication Mobile Prefixes

Mobile PrefixesNetwork Providers
0908Smart Communications
0920Smart Communications
0929Smart Communications
0947Smart Communications
0961Smart Communications
0918Smart Communications
0921Smart Communications
0939Smart Communications
0949Smart Communications
0998Smart Communications
0919Smart Communications
0928Smart Communications
0946Smart Communications
0951Smart Communications
0999Smart Communications

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Does the Philippines have 5G Internet connections?

Yes, in many big cities across the Philippines, some places are all set up for 5G now.

What is the mobile number area code in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, when you share your phone number with someone from another country, they’ll recognize it by starting with +63. After that, you put in the 10 digits of your phone number.

How many active mobile subscribers are there in the Philippines?

In 2019, there were 169 million people using phones in the Philippines. And because of the ongoing pandemic, it’s expected that this number will go up.

Why is it important to determine the sender’s mobile number prefix?

In the Philippines, it’s really important to know which phone company a certain mobile number belongs to. This helps you figure out which load or plan you should use to call or text someone. But don’t stress! Almost all phone companies here have budget-friendly deals with unlimited calls and texts to all networks.


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