How to Share a Load in TNT

Nowadays, sharing mobile loads is like being kind and staying connected. With TNT, you can send loads to other TNT users, making sure they can stay connected when they need it most. This guide will show you exactly how to do it, step by step. You’ll learn how to share the load with your friends and family on TNT, so everyone can stay in touch easily.

What is Smart PASALOAD?

Pasaload is a simple service for smart users. It lets you share your prepaid load with other smart numbers. With Pasaload, you can help out your friends and family by sending them loads when they’re running low. There are different ways to do Pasaload, and how you do it depends on the method you choose.

Understanding Load Sharing in TNT

TNT has lots of ways to share loads that fit different needs. They help send small or big packages locally or globally. TNT is known for being fast, safe, and having great customer service.

Why Share a Load in TNT?

Sharing the load means helping friends and family who need more phone credits. It shows you care about keeping them connected. Whether it’s for emergencies, staying in touch, or making someone happy, sharing a load is a small thing that can really help.

Requirements for Load Sharing

Before you share a load, make sure you have these things:

  1. A TNT SIM card with enough load to give.
  2. The TNT mobile number of the person you want to send the load to.

How to Share a Load in TNT

Sharing loads on TNT is easy. Just follow these simple steps in the manual to make it smooth and easy.

How to PASALOAD for Smart and TNT Prepaid

Two Ways to Pasaload:

  • Send a text message like this: PASALOAD [recipient’s 11-digit number] [amount] to 808. For instance: PASALOAD 09191234567 100
  • Or, you can send a text with the recipient’s 11-digit number (with a space) and the amount to 808. For example, 09191234567 100
  • After sending it, you’ll get a text asking for your confirmation. Reply with yes to go ahead or no to cancel.

When you finish sharing the load using Pasaload and it works, both you and the person getting the load will get a text saying it’s done. They’ll take the amount you shared from your account and add a P1 fee for the text message.

How to PASALOAD from Smart postpaid to Smart OR TNT Prepaid

If you have a Smart Postpaid or Smart Infinity plan, you can give a load to your family or friends who use Smart Prepaid or TNT.

  1. Here’s what you do: Send a text like this: PASALOAD [recipient’s number] [amount] to 808. For example: PASALOAD 09191234567 100
  2. When you send the load, the person you sent it to gets the amount you shared. But there’s an extra charge of P1 for the text you sent. This extra charge will be added to your monthly bill.

Postpaid subscribers have a limit called the Pasaload cap. This limit helps stop fraud and misuse. It makes sure postpaid users can still use the service, but only up to a certain amount. This limit resets every month on the first day.

Available Denominations to Pasaload

2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 100, 200, 500

Pasaload Cap Limit for Postpaid

  • If your monthly bill is up to P1200 (except for the Freedom plan, where Pasaload isn’t available), you can pay Pasaload up to P300.
  • But if your bill is more than P1200, then you can pay up to P500.


There’s another way to do Pasaload using the Smart Gigalife App. Here’s how:

  1. Get the app from the App Store or Google Play if you don’t have it yet.
  2. Open the app and go to the main screen (dashboard).
  3. Tap on “Pasa.”
  4. Put in the number of the person you’re sending the load to.
  5. Click on the “Pasa Load” icon.
  6. Choose how much load you want to send.
  7. Check all the details and tap “Confirm.”

You will receive a confirmation message once the transaction is successful.

How to Share a Load in TNT

When you’re out and about, you can do Pasaload using your Smart SIM menu. Just dial 808, then the recipient’s number and the amount you want to send, followed by the # sign, and press call. For example, dial 80809123456789 50#.

You’ll get a message asking for confirmation. Reply with YES to confirm the transaction. Once you confirm, the person you sent the load to will get it right away.

Benefits of Using TNT for Load-Sharing

Teaming up with TNT for load sharing has many good points:

Here’s the information in a simple list:

  • Reliable: TNT is known for safe and dependable shipping.
  • Worldwide: They can send your load almost anywhere in the world.
  • Made for You: TNT has shipping choices that fit what you need.
  • Modern Tech: They use the latest tech to track and manage shipments, giving you updates in real time.
  • Help When Needed: TNT’s support team is there to answer your questions and help with any worries you might have.

Tips for a Smooth Load-Sharing Experience

For a better load-sharing experience, keep these tips in mind:

Here’s the information in simpler words:

  • Check Your Balance: Before you start sharing the load, make sure your TNT prepaid account has enough money for the load and any fees.
  • Double-check the number: Put in the recipient’s phone number carefully to avoid problems when sharing.
  • Look for Deals: Keep an eye out for TNT’s special offers. They might give you extra benefits when you share the load.


How can I share a load with another TNT user?

To give a load to someone using TNT, you can use PASALOAD. Just text “PASALOAD [receiver’s number] [amount]” to 808. For example, send “PASALOAD 09191234567 100” to share 100 pesos.

Can I use the Smart Gigalife App to share a load on TNT?

Yes, you can share the load in TNT using the Smart Gigalife App. Get the app from the App Store or Google Play, then open it and follow the steps to start sharing.

What is the Pasaload cap limit for postpaid subscribers?

The Pasaload cap limit for postpaid subscribers helps prevent fraud and misuse. It allows load sharing up to a certain limit based on your monthly service fee (MSF). The limit varies depending on your MSF and plan type.

Is there a fee for using the load-sharing service?

Yes, when you share a load, there’s a fee. Besides the amount you send, there’s usually a small fee for the text message. They’ll take the total amount you sent plus this small fee from your account.

What should I do if I mistakenly enter the wrong recipient’s number?

Make sure you type the receiver’s number correctly. If you make a mistake, the load might go to the wrong number. Check the receiver’s number twice before you finish sharing the load.


Keeping in touch is simple with TNT’s load sharing. Just follow these easy steps in this guide to share the load with your loved ones. This helps them stay connected without any interruption. Remember to check the details, look for any special deals, and ask TNT’s customer service if you need help. Stay close to TNT and connect easily!

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