How To Load Gomo SIM

These days, it’s important to stay connected by using phones. Many people in the Philippines are using mobile phones a lot. Gomo SIM has become really popular because many people want to stay connected. If you want to know how to load Gomo SIM in the Philippines and make it work the best, you’re in the right spot. In this article, we’ll show you each step to doing it.

What is Gomo?

GOMO came to the Philippines in 2020. It works with Globe Telecom. GOMO is in other countries like Singapore, Thailand, and Ireland too. The name “GOMO” means “Go Out More Often.” It has a special purple look. GOMO is the first all-digital telecom company in the Philippines. It offers prepaid deals without expiration dates. Also, GOMO lets users have MO Credits. These credits let you make calls and texts that don’t expire. You change some of your mobile data into MO Credits. For example, swapping 0.5 GB of data gives you 50 texts and 5 minutes to call any network.

Getting Started with Gomo

To start using your Gomo SIM, you’ll need to follow these steps:

How To Load Gomo SIM

Purchase a Gomo SIM Card

To use Gomo, first, you need to get a Gomo SIM card. You can buy it from specific shops, online stores, or Gomo’s website.

Insert the Gomo SIM Card

When you get the Gomo SIM card, put it gently into your phone. Check that your phone can work with Gomo and that it’s not locked to another network.

Activating Your Gomo SIM

Dial *143#

Now that your Gomo SIM is on your phone, it’s time to activate it. Follow these steps to activate your Gomo SIM:

  • Dial *143# on your phone.
  • Select “My Account.”
  • Choose “Gomo.”
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the activation process.

Load Your Gomo SIM

When your Gomo SIM is ready to use, you can add money to it. Gomo has different amounts you can choose from. You can add money to your Gomo SIM in these ways:

  1. Gomo’s website
  2. Special shops that sell Gomo stuff
  3. Apps on your phone or e-wallets

Choose a Gomo Promo

Gomo has different deals you can pick from before you pay. These deals might have internet, calls, texts, and extra stuff. Choose the deal that fits what you need for talking and using the internet.

Internet Speed5Mbps as advertised (35Mbps personal use)60-80Mbps
Promotions25GB + 100 minutes + 500 texts: ₱499
30GB No expiry: ₱299
Unlimited data for 30 days: ₱4997GB data + unlimited DITO to DITO calls + 300 minutes to other networks + unlimited texts for 30 days: ₱99
16GB data + the same package as above: ₱199
28GB data + the same package as above: ₱299
55GB data + the same package as above: ₱499
120GB data + the same package as above: ₱999
SIM Price₱299 with 30GB no expiry₱49 – ₱224 (3GB to 28GB)
Where to Buy SIMWebsite, Shopee, and LazadaLazada, Shopee, and retailers nationwide
Compatible PhonesMost Android and iOS devicesMost Android phones (for iOS, change APN manually)
Network CoverageNationwideNationwide (Limited)
SupportFacebook Page, ArticlesHotline, Articles, Live chat, social media
Choose a Gomo Promo

Loading Your Gomo SIM

Purchase a Gomo Load Card

You can buy a Gomo Load Card from special shops or stores nearby. These cards have a special number on them called a PIN.

Dial 233<PIN>#

To load your Gomo SIM with the purchased load, dial 233<PIN># from your phone and press the call button. This will add the load amount to your account.

Managing Your Gomo Account

Download the Gomo App

Get the Gomo app on your phone to make handling your Gomo account easier. With the app, you can see how much internet you’ve used, check how much money is left, and join deals with just a few taps.

Check Your Balance

To see how much money and internet you have on your Gomo, dial *223# on your phone. You’ll get a text telling you how much money you have left and how much internet you’ve used.

Enjoying Gomo Services

Explore Gomo’s Features

Gomo lets you save extra internet, share it, and use Facebook for free. Try them to make the most of your Gomo SIM.

Recharge Regularly

Remember to put more money on your Gomo SIM before your current deal ends. Doing this will help you keep using it without any interruptions.

Load GOMO using GCash

  • Open your Globe GCash app.
  • Go to GLife.
  • Tap “View all Categories” and then pick “View all Merchants.”
  • Choose GOMO from the list of merchants.
  • Select the GOMO deal you like.
  • Tap “Buy P (Amount)” and then press “Checkout.”
  • These steps will help you easily get what you want.

Load via GOMO Mobile App

  1. Get the GOMO app from the Play Store, AppStore, or AppGallery.
  2. Open the GOMO app and log in.
  3. Tap “Shop” at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Pick “Data Offers” and press “Shop Now.”
  5. Choose the deal you want by tapping “Buy for PC.”
  6. You’ll go to the payment page. Pick how you want to pay: GCash or credit or debit card.

Follow these steps using the GOMO app to buy data offers.

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Why choose Gomo?

You might ask, “Why pick Gomo instead of other phone companies in the Philippines?” Well, here are some good reasons:

1. Affordable Plans

Gomo has cheap plans that won’t cost you lots of money. They’ve got deals for lots of internet or just simple calls and texts, and they’re easy on your wallet.

2. Strong Network Coverage

Gomo works on Globe Telecom’s big network, so you can count on good coverage. Even if you’re far away, you’ll stay connected for your job or fun stuff.

3. Data Packages

In an age where data is king, Gomo provides a wide range of data packages to suit your data consumption habits. Whether you’re a casual social media user or a streaming enthusiast, Gomo has you covered.

4. User-Friendly App

Gomo has an easy-to-use phone app. It helps you easily control your account, check how much money or internet you have left, and join deals. It makes using your phone easier.


In conclusion, getting your Gomo SIM ready in the Philippines is easy. You just buy the SIM card, make it work, and pick a deal you like. Doing these easy things lets you enjoy GoMo’s good deals that are easy on your wallet.


1. Is Gomo SIM available nationwide?

Yes, you can find Gomo SIM cards everywhere in the Philippines. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a city or in the countryside; they’re easy to get.

2. Can I use my Gomo SIM for international calls?

Yes! If you want to make international calls using your Gomo SIM, just sign up for the right global call deal.

3. What should I do if I lose my Gomo SIM card?

If you lose your Gomo SIM card, talk to Gomo’s customer support right away to get a new one.

4. How can I share data with other Gomo users?

You can give some of your internet to other Gomo users using the Gomo app. Just follow the steps in the app to share your data.

5. Are there any hidden charges when using Gomo?

Gomo tells you exactly how much things cost. They don’t hide any extra charges, and you only pay for what you decide to use, like deals or services.

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