GCash Cash In Cash Out Fee

Welcome to the digital money world! It’s like where easy meets money smartness. And guess what? GCash is like a superhero who handles your money super easily.

Let’s discuss something important: the GCash Cash In Cash Out Fee. It’s like the money superhero’s rulebook for putting in or taking out your money. Understanding this fee is key to knowing how much it costs to put in or take out your cash.

The GCash Cash In GCash Cash Out Fee is like the price tag for using your digital wallet. It decides how much money Superhero GCash charges you when you add or take out your cash. So, let’s get into it and make this money-superhero stuff easy to understand.

The Complete GCash Fees Tables

Cash-in and cash-out

Cash-in: Over-the-CounterCash-in feesFree for the first Php 8,000, then 2% after every month
Cash-in: Over the Counter (7-Eleven)Cash-in fees1% of the total cash-in amount
Note: This fee applies first, and if applicable, fees for over-the-counter cash-in apply next.
Cash-in: Using Other Bank AppCash-in fees via the other bank’s Banking App (Instapay or PayPal)The amount varies from FREE to Php 50 per transaction (BSP Fee List)
Cash-in: Over-the-CounterCash-out fees via over-the-counter outlets (Puregold, Robinson’s, Cebuana, etc)Php 20 per Php 1000 withdrawn or 2%
Cash-out: GCash CardsCash-out: over-the-counterPhp 10 – Php 18 per withdrawal (depending on ATM)
Cash-out: GCash CardsCash-out fees using GCash Card in International ATMsPhp 150 per withdrawal
Cash-out: -GCash CardsCash Card Purchase feesPhp 150 per card; Php 60 for the delivery fee (if delivered)

Some free alternatives for cashing in

  1. To add money to your GCash account using BPI or UnionBank in the app, remember there’s a Php 5 charge for each deposit until October 2, 2023.
  2. You can also put money into your GCash wallet from partner banks like GSave. If you don’t want to pay extra fees, use Instapay Send or PesoNet Send to transfer money between banks.
  3. Another way is to use the CIMB app to add money and then move it to your GCash wallet with GSave. UNO is another app you can use for this.
  4. If you know someone with a GCash account, they can help you by sending money straight to your account.

Some free alternatives for cashing out

  1. Put money into your GCash by sending it to a GSave partner bank like CIMB. If you need to, take the money from a GSave bank ATM.
  2. If you have a buddy who uses GCash, you can ask them to help you out. Send money to them, and they can give you the cash in person.

Send Money and Pay Bills

Product DescriptionAmount
Send Money: Bank TransferBank Transfer to Other Banks using InstaPay: Php 15 per transfer
Send Money—PadalaSender Fees: Php 5 for Php 500; 1.5% if greater than Php 500 and less than Php 5000
Pay BillsBiller Fees: Php 7 – Php 60 or 2%, depending on the biller

Some free alternatives for Bank Transfer

  1. Start by adding money to your GSave account using CIMB. Next, in the CIMB app, send the money to your linked bank account using DragonPay or PESONet.
  2. You can also put money in your GSave account with UNO. Then, in the UNO app, send the money to your linked bank account using InstaPay.

Some free alternatives for GCash Padala

  1. Make a GCash account to get money sent straight to it.
  2. If you’ve got a friend who uses GCash, ask them for help. They can have the person send money using the Send/Receive Money thing, and then they can hand you the cash in person.

Buy Load and Borrow Load

Product DescriptionAmount
Buy Load: SMART ProductsConvenience fee of 2% for regular loads; Php 1-2 for loads valued at Php 100 or more
Borrow LoadPenalty Fees of Php 1-2, depending on the amount of load borrowed

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GCreditGLoan, and GGives

GCreditPenalty FeesPhp 200 (1–30 days)
Php 500 (31–60 days)
Php 900 (61–90 days)
Php 1500 (>90 days)
GLoanLending Fee3% of the loan amount, once availed
GLoan/GGivesPenalty FeesFixed Php 100 +
0.15% of the Principal Loan Amount per unpaid day

GInsure and Others

Product DescriptionAmount
GInsure: Bill ProtectInsurance Coverage: 0.92% of the bill amount
General Balance InquiryFee: Ranges from Php 0 to Php 2.50, depending on the ATM used
General: Dormancy FeeFee: Php 50 charged every 10th day of the month


Is paying a fee to cash in and out with GCash necessary?

Yes, there are fees for putting money in and taking money out with GCash. The exact amount depends on how you do it and some other stuff.

How can I find the exact fees for my GCash transactions?

To find out exactly how much you’ll be charged, check out the GCash app. It has all the details about the fees for different ways of doing things.

Can I reduce the fees for cashing in and cashing out with GCash?

You can pay less in fees by picking the cheapest way to do things and being careful about how much money you’re moving around.

What are the advantages of using GCash for cashless transactions?

Using GCash is easy and safe, plus you get perks like getting money back and discounts when you use it to pay for stuff.

Are there any hidden fees with GCash transactions?

GCash is clear about its fees, so there are no secret charges. You’ll always know exactly how much you’re paying for your transactions.

Can I trust GCash with my financial transactions?

GCash is a reliable digital wallet in the Philippines, watched over by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). It keeps your money safe with strong security measures.


In the digital money world, understanding the GCash Cash In Cash Out Fee is super important. It helps you make smart choices, get the most out of GCash, and enjoy its easy features. Keep in the loop about the fees, pick the best ways to do things, and you’ll have a smooth and cheap time with GCash.


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