How to Pasaload in TNT

In our world today, it’s really important to stay connected with our friends and family. TNT has a service called Pasaload that helps you share loads easily with the people you care about. Whether you need to send a load to a low friend or get some load from them, Pasaload makes it simple. In this guide, we’ll show you step-by-step how to Pasaload in TNT. This way, you can easily share or get load credits, making sure you can always call or text without any worries. Pasaload in TNT is like having a super easy way to stay connected whenever you need it.

What is Pasaload?

Understanding the Basics

Pasaload is something from TNT that lets you send loads to other TNT or Smart users. It’s useful when your friends or family need more time to use their phones and you want to help them stay connected.

How Does Pasaload in Talk N Text Work (Share A Load)?

Pasaload means “pass a load.” It’s a thing for Smart and Talk & Text users. With Pasaload, you can give your prepaid load to other Smart, Smart Bro, and Talk N Text prepaid phones.

This thing, also called “Share a Load,” helps you send your prepaid load fast and simply, no matter where you are. But when you send a load using Pasaload, there’s a P1 charge for each successful transfer. Also, the time your shared load lasts depends on how much you send. You can check how long it’ll stay valid in the SMS message you get from TNT.

How To Pasaload in TNT

If you want to give a load to your friends, family, or someone who needs it, Pasaload can help you do that. Here’s how you can use Pasaload in Talk N Text:

How To Pasaload Regular Load

Two Ways to Pasaload:

Send a text with PASALOAD, then put a space and type the 11-digit number of the person you’re sending it to, another space, and then the amount you want to send. After that, send it all to 808.

For example, send a text like this: PASALOAD 09091114326, 10 to 808.

How to Pasaload in TNT

To give a load to someone, text their 11-digit phone number, put a space, type the amount you want to send, and then send it to 808.

For example, 09191234567 100

After you send the load, you’ll get a message asking if you’re sure. Reply with “yes” if you want to go ahead or “no” if you change your mind.

Once the Pasaload is done, both you and the person getting the load will get a text. Your account will be charged for what you sent, and there will be a P1 fee for the message.

Pasaload: Regular Load Validity

AmountValidity Period
₱23 days
₱53 days
₱103 days
₱1515 days
₱2015 days
₱3015 days
₱6030 days
₱10030 days
₱20060 days
Pasaload: Regular Load Validity

Pasaload Cap Limit for Postpaid

For MSF amounts less than or equal to $1200, except for the Freedom plan, Pasaload is not available for P300.00.

For MSF amounts exceeding P1200, the subscription fee is P500.00.

Tips and Reminders

Double-check the recipient’s number:

Make sure you put in the right phone number of the person you want to send the load to. That way, you won’t send it to the wrong person by mistake.

Pasaload Fee:

TNT may charge a small fee for the Pasaload service. Be aware of this fee before sharing the load.


In conclusion, knowing “How to Pasaload in TNT” is a simple and handy way to give prepaid loads to your family and friends. The steps in this guide are easy to understand, so anyone can do it. TNT’s Pasaload is made to be easy to use and helps everyone stay connected. Give it a try, see how easy Pasaload is, and make sure everyone can always talk to each other.

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What is Pasaload, and how do I use it in TNT?

Pasaload helps you easily send loads to other TNT numbers. To do this, just text the recipient’s number, the amount of load you want to send, and your PIN.

What’s the cost associated with Pasaload in TNT?

TNT might charge a small fee for Pasaload. The amount of the fee can change, so it’s best to check TNT’s current rates for the exact details.

Can I load Pasaload to a different network or only within TNT?

Pasaload works only for sharing loads on TNT. If you want to send a load to a different network, you’ll need to check out other ways to do it.

What’s the minimum and maximum load amount I can pass?

The least and most you can send might change, and it depends on TNT’s rules. It’s a good idea to ask TNT for the newest information about these limits.

How long does it take for the load to transfer using Pasaload in TNT?

Usually, when you send a load using Pasaload in TNT, it happens right away. The person you sent it to should get the load in just a few minutes after you do it.

What should I do if I forget my Pasaload PIN?

If you forget your Pasaload PIN, talk to TNT’s customer support. They can help you reset or get your PIN back. Keeping your PIN safe is really important to make sure your account stays secure.

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