How to Change Username in Shopee

In the online world today, your username is like your name tag. It’s important for safety and making things your own. This guide is called “How to Change Username in Shopee.” It helps you understand and do the steps to change your username on Shopee, a popular online store in the Philippines. Whether you want a new online name or need to fix your current one, we’ll give you easy steps and tips to help. Let’s start changing your Shopee username without any trouble.

When you create a Shopee account, you provide a phone number, username, and password. The good news is that you can change the username later. We’ll show you how in this article.

Why do you need a username? Your Shopee username does a few important things. It shows who you are, making sure only you can use your account. This keeps your stuff safe. If you sell things, your username helps shoppers find your shop using the search feature in the app.

Now, let’s get into our main topic: how to change your Shopee Philippines username. We’ll guide you through the steps to make a new one easily.

How to Change Username in Shopee

How to Change Username in Shopee Philippines

Changing your username on Shopee is easy using the Shopee app. Just follow these steps in English.

To change your username on Shopee Philippines, here’s what you need to do:.

If your account on Shopee has a username made by the system when you signed up, you’re allowed to change it only once.

Step 1

Open your Shopee app and tap on the “Me” tab. You’ll find it in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Step 2

Tap on “Account Settings” to go to another page where you can make changes to your account.

Step 3

Select the “My Profile” tab. You’ll find the Edit Profile page there.

Step 4

Press “Username” and type in your new username.

Step 5

Once you’re happy with your new username, tap on “Save,” and you’ve made your new username!

Please keep in mind the following when creating a username:

  1. Your username must be between 5 and 30 characters long.
  2. Use only English letters, numbers, dots (.), or underscores (_).
  3. Don’t use spaces, or make your username all numbers.
  4. If you sell things, you can only change your username once every 30 days.
  5. Any changes you make will show up right away in your account or shop link.
  6. If you can’t save your new username, it might have been changed in the last 30 days or reserved for Shopee Mall brands. Try using more unique words in that case.

If you can’t change your username, it might be because you’ve already changed it before. If you want to change it again, reach out to Shopee Customer Service for help.

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Reasons Why Filipinos Might Need to Change Their Username

Why changing your username on Shopee Philippines is important:

  1. Better Safety: When you update your username often, it’s harder for hackers to guess it and get into your account. This keeps your information safe.
  2. Less Chance of Copying: Having a unique username means it’s tough for others to pretend to be you or use your name in bad ways on the internet.
  3. Stand Out: A different username makes you different from other Shopee users. This helps shoppers trust you more, knowing you’re not just anyone.
  4. Show Yourself: Your username can show who you are. You can use your real name, a nickname, or something special. This personal touch can make your Shopee business more memorable for shoppers.

How to Choose a Username in Shopee Philippines

Are you thinking of changing your Shopee Philippines username? Here are tips for picking a good one:

  1. Show Yourself: Use a name that shows who you are. It helps others remember you.
  2. Keep it short and simple. Don’t make it too long or hard to spell. That way, people can find you easily.
  3. No Special Characters or Numbers: Avoid using symbols or numbers in your username on Shopee Philippines.

Whether you’re changing or making a new username, these tips can help you pick a cool one.

Shopee Account Creation

Shopee is a popular online store in the Philippines. Making an account there is easy and quick. Having an account helps you use all the cool things on the site. This guide will show you the simple steps to make your own Shopee account, so you can start shopping!

Here’s what you do:

  1. Go to the Shopee website or get the app on your phone (iOS or Android).
  2. Click on “Sign Up” when you’re on the homepage.
  3. Fill in the form with your email, password, name, and phone number.
  4. Click “Sign Up” again to finish making your account. That’s it!

Locate Username Settings

Finding and changing your username on Shopee Philippines is easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click on ‘Edit Profile‘ at the top right of the page. This takes you to ‘My Account,’ where you can change your personal information like name, password, and email.
  3. Scroll down until you see ‘Username.’ Type in the new username you want.
  4. Once you’re done, click ‘Save‘ to make sure your changes are saved correctly.

Updating Username

Changing your username on Shopee Login Philippines is really easy. This guide helps you do it in a few simple steps.

Shopee is a famous online store in Southeast Asia, loved by Filipinos for its easy-to-use setup and good prices. You can make it more personal by changing your username.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to your account settings.
  2. Find “Change Username.”
  3. Type your new username and confirm it with your current password.
  4. Finish these steps, and your new username is ready to use!

Verifying the Change

Did you just change your username on Shopee Philippines? It’s smart to check to see if everything is okay. This guide will show you how step by step. We’ll help you look for any issues with your new login details and make sure your data is safe. With easy instructions and tips, this guide makes sure changing your username on Shopee Philippines is smooth and trouble-free.


In conclusion, changing your username on Shopee is easy. It lets you make your online shopping experience more personal. Whether you want to update your current username or make a new one, following the steps in “How to Change Username in Shopee” makes it easy. Shopee’s easy-to-use setup lets you adjust your online name however you like. So, take a look around, make changes, and make your Shopee experience special, just for you!


How do I change my username on Shopee?

If you want to change your username on Shopee, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your profile settings.
  2. Choose “Change Username.”
  3. Type in the new username you want.
  4. Save it to confirm the change.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can change my username?

Usually, on Shopee, you can change your username only once every 30 days. So, it’s a good idea to pick a username you’ll be happy with for that time.

Can I use special characters or numbers in my Shopee username?

When you make a username on Shopee, you can only use English letters, numbers, dots (.), or underscores (_). You can’t use special symbols or spaces.

What if my desired username is already taken?

If someone else is already using the username you want on Shopee, you have to pick a different one that nobody else is using.

Will changing my username affect my account or order history?

When you change your username on Shopee, your account information and past orders stay the same. Only your username that others see will be different.

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