How to Load Satellite using Regular Load

Putting satellites on rockets is hard, but important. Whether you know a lot about it or you’re just starting to learn, knowing how to load a satellite using normal methods is super important. In this guide, we’ll show you all about this process and give you good tips to make sure it works well.

Understanding Regular Load Techniques

Normal ways of putting satellites on rockets mean using the usual method. It’s really important to know the basics of how this works. You have to attach the satellite well, make sure it’s not too heavy in one place, and protect it from getting broken.

Preparing the Satellite for Loading

Before putting the satellite on the rocket, you need to get everything ready. This means checking the satellite carefully, too. It’s okay to make sure it will work with the rocket and have all the right paperwork ready.

How do I load a satellite signal?

Step 1: Use your phone to send a text with SATLITE, then put a space, your PIN, another space, and your SatLite account number. Send it to 5353. For example, text “SATLITE 12345678901234 9898123” to 5353.

Step 2: Wait for a text that says your reload worked. Satellite has a special offer called Buy 1, Take 2, just for new customers.

How do I load my Satlite 49?

For shops, just text SL10, SL15, SL25, SL49, SL99, SL199, or SL299 and then add the Satlite Account Number. Send it to 3443. If it’s Load 499, dial *343#, put in the Satellite Account Number, and pick Load 499. Then wait for the confirmation text.

How do I load Satlite on my mobile?

Interested in learning how to load SatLite using your mobile device?

  • After you close Gcash, text 5353 like this: SATLITE (space) PIN (space) SatLite Account Number. For example, text SATLITE 12345678901234 9898123 to 5353.
  • Then just wait for a text that says your reload worked.

How do I set up satellite channels?

Procedure List:

  1. Connect the satellite cable.
  2. Start setting up the satellite.
  3. Choose the connection type:
  4. “1 satellite (single LNB).”
  5. “2 Satellites (DiSEqC Mini).”
  6. “2 Satellites (DiSEqC 1.0).”
  7. “Unicable for 1 satellite.”
  8. Let the TV take time to find and install channels.

How do I load my Satlite Shopee?

Go to the Shopee app or click this link ( Look for “Load and E-Vouchers,” then select “TV Cable” and choose Cignal. Decide how much load you need and pick how much you want to pay. Finish to activate your chosen load!

Why is my satellite not working?

If your satellite TV picture freezes, looks weird, or the sound gets bad, it might be because:

  • The dish moved.
  • The cable is broken.
  • Something’s blocking the dish’s view.
  • It’s raining a lot.
  • The dish has snow on it.

Can I get satellite TV for free?

Can you watch satellite TV for free? Yes! You can get lots of channels without paying by using a free-to-air (FTA) satellite receiver. This special receiver grabs signals from satellites that aren’t locked, so you can watch lots of channels for free.

How to Load Satlite Using Regular Load via Pasaload: Smart, TNT, or Sun

To share the load for your SatLite TV, make sure you know your SatLite TV account number.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Open your messaging app on your phone.
  2. Type PASALOAD.
  3. Send the message to 808.

Example: Send the message PASALOAD 91986422 CGLSL99 to 808 as an example.

Promotional Codes for SatLite Load:

  • P10: SL10
  • P15: SL15
  • P25: SL25
  • P49: CGLSL49
  • P99: CGLSL99
  • P199: CGLSL199
  • P299: SL299
  • P499: SL499

Validity Period for SatLite Promotions:

  • SL10: 3 Days
  • SL15: 3 Days
  • SL25: 3 Days
  • CGLSL49: 30 Days
  • CGLSL99: 30 Days
  • CGLSL199: 30 Days
  • SL299: 30 Days
  • SL499: 30 Days

3. Await the Pasaload confirmation. This transaction necessitates a load of 1 peso.

You’ll get a message like this: “On May 12th at 06:15, 123456789 sent Load99 to 91986422. Check your Cignal account in 5 minutes. Reference: 290548053626.”

How to Load Satellite using Regular Load

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Is regular loading the only method for loading satellites?

People usually use regular methods to load satellites, but there are other ways, like tilt-up and horizontal methods. It depends on the rocket and what the satellite needs.

What is the role of a satellite loading engineer?

A satellite loading engineer’s job is to manage the whole loading process. They make sure the satellite payload is safe, the weight is balanced, and everything follows the rules set by the industry.

How can I ensure my satellite’s safety during loading?

Keeping the satellite safe means planning carefully, securing it tightly, balancing its weight correctly, and following safety rules. Working with experienced people helps make sure the loading is safe.

Are there any risks associated with automated loading systems?

Machines that load stuff can make it faster, but they need testing to make sure they work right. Engineers also need to think about problems that might happen and mess up the loading.

Can weather conditions affect the loading process?

Yes, bad weather like strong winds, rain, or lightning can slow down or stop the loading. Engineers keep an eye on weather predictions and have backup plans ready.

How long does the satellite loading process usually take?

How long it takes to load depends on things like how hard it is to load, the design of the rocket, and how they load it. Usually, it takes a few hours to finish.

How do I verify the validity of my Satellite Load?

To check when your satellite load ends, use your Smart/TNT/Sun SIM-enabled phone. Text SATLITE EXP, then your satellite account number to 5353.

My load has not yet arrived. When will it reflect?

The SatLite load should come today. If it doesn’t show up right away, it might be because lots of people are using the system at the same time.

Can I load an additional offer while my current Satellite Load is active?

When your current Load ends, you can choose to get a different one, like going from Load 49 to Load 99.

There was an error while reloading my satellite. What am I to do?

If your reload doesn’t work, call (02) 88-888-222 if you’re in Greater Manila. Or dial #88-222 for free if you’re outside Manila.

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