How to load Cignal TV prepaid using GCash and PayMaya

I’ll help you put money into your Cignal TV prepaid using GCash and PayMaya.

The easiest and fastest way to add money to your Cignal TV is with GCash and PayMaya. It’s super safe and fast, and you can do it right from your phone.

I’ll guide you through the steps using GCash and PayMaya. But first, make sure you’ve got enough money in your e-wallets. If not, you can quickly add cash using online bank transfers, places like 7-Eleven or Ministop, or your local pawnshops. I will show you how to load Cignal TV prepaid using GCash and PayMaya.

Load Cignal TV using GCash

You can load your Cignal TV Prepaid using GCash. GCash will send you a PIN. Use this PIN to add credits to your Cignal TV prepaid account by sending a text message (SMS).

Purchase a Cignal TV Prepaid PIN

  • In the GCash app, click “View all GCash Services.” Then, pick “Shop Lifestyle” from the Lifestyle & Shopping section. Another way is to select “Buy Load,” then “Lifestyle Load” on the right, and finally click on “Shop Lifestyle.” Tap “OK” to continue.
How to load Cignal TV prepaid using GCash and PayMaya
  • In “Shop Lifestyle,” type in the phone number that gets the Cignal TV prepaid PIN, then click “Next.”
  • Swipe right to the PayTV section. Pick the Cignal TV prepaid package you want and hit “Next.”
  • Double-check the payment information and tap “Pay” to finish buying.
  • You’ll get an SMS with your purchased PIN.
  • Copy the PIN and load it on your Cignal TV prepaid by texting or using the Cignal Web Loading Tool.

Load Cignal Prepaid using PayMaya

Adding credits to your Load Cignal TV Prepaid is easier using PayMaya. Just follow these steps in the app:

1. Open your PayMaya app and click “Load.”

2. Search and select “Cignal” for the prepaid package you want.

3. Put in your Cignal account number.

4. Tap “Confirm” to finish the process.

You’ll get an SMS notification confirming your transaction.

How to load the PIN to your Cignal TV prepaid via SMS

  • Send “CIGNAL REG” to 5353. Do this once if you haven’t already. After that, for future reloads, skip to step 2.
  • Send “CIGNAL” to 5353. Each request costs PHP 1.

When it’s done right, you’ll get a text telling you about the transaction.

How to load the PIN via the Cignal Web Loading Tool

You can enter your Cignal e-PIN using the Cignal Web Loading Tool.

  1. Once you’ve bought the Cignal Reload Card or e-PIN, open the Cignal Web Loading Tool.
  2. Enter your prepaid account number and the PIN you haven’t used yet, and fill in the security field. Click “SUBMIT.”

That’s all! After the transaction, you’ll get a confirmation message.

Cignal, GCash, and PayMaya Hotline

If you have trouble loading your Cignal e-PIN, you can call the Cignal Care Hotline from Monday to Sunday, 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.

  1. For Metro Manila: Dial (02) 88-888-222
  2. For provincial areas (toll-free): Dial #88-222
  3. Text Line: 4681 8222
  4. Email:

If you’ve got GCash issues, you can send a request through the GCash app. Go to Profile > Help > Submit a Ticket and complete the form there.

If you need help with PayMaya, you can reach them here:

Phone: 02-8845-7788
Toll-Free: 1800-1084-57788
Use *788 if you’re on Smart Mobile.


Can I use GCash and PayMaya for postpaid accounts?

GCash and PayMaya can only help with prepaid accounts. If you have a postpaid account, try different ways to pay provided by Cignal TV.

Are there any transaction fees when using GCash or PayMaya?

Usually, loading your Cignal TV prepaid using GCash or PayMaya is free. But it’s smart to check the apps for any new fees, just to be sure.

How long does it take for the prepaid load to reflect on my Cignal TV account?

When you add a prepaid load, it usually shows up right away in your Cignal TV account. If it doesn’t, talk to Cignal TV support for help.

What if I input the wrong account number?

If you put in the wrong Cignal account number, contact Cignal TV support right away. They’ll help fix the mistake.

Can I use GCash and PayMaya for Cignal TV prepaid reloads outside the Philippines?

Yes, you can use GCash and PayMaya to reload Cignal TV prepaid even when you’re outside the Philippines. It’s handy for people abroad.


If your Cignal prepaid runs out, no worries! Use GCash on your phone. Open the app, buy the Cignal load you need, and enjoy your favorite shows at home hassle-free. Use GCash and PayMaya for Cignal TV reloads. It’s easy and smooth. Embrace the digital way—it’s simple, and how to load Cignal TV prepaid using GCash and PayMaya is super convenient!


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