GCash Fees 2024: Simple Ways to Reduce Costs and Boost Benefits

When you use mobile wallets like GCash, it’s important to know about the charges for each action. The fees for GCash can add up fast, especially if you do many transactions every day.

In this blog post, we’ll explain everything about GCash fees in simple terms. We’ll talk about the fees for putting money in and taking it out, sending money to other GCash users, paying bills, getting cash, and more. We’ll also share some tips to help you reduce your GCash fees so you can use your mobile wallet. Let’s start and learn about GCash fees together!

GCash Fees 2024

Decoding GCash Fees: A Quick Guide

GCash fees are like charges you have to pay when you do things on GCash, such as sending money. The fees can change based on what you’re doing, how much money you have, and who you’re sending them to.

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Exploring Different GCash Fees

Do you want to find out about the fees on GCash? We’ll give you the whole and latest list of GCash fees so you know if there are any extra costs when you put in money, take out money, or send money using GCash.

Cash-In Fees

GCash Fees 2024

When you add money to your GCash wallet at places like 7-Eleven or SM Business Centers, you might need to pay a fee. The fee can be from 0% to 2% of the money you’re putting in. It depends on where you add the money, like at 7-Eleven or another place.

Putting money into the bank through online or mobile banking:Free to ₱50
Using a linked BPI bank account in the GCash app:₱5 (starts on October 2, 2023)
Using a linked UnionBank bank account in the GCash app:Free (a ₱5 fee starts on November 2, 2023)
Putting money from a remittance partner in the GCash app (like Western Union):Free
Putting money into PayPal:Free
Putting money over the counter, above the monthly free limit of ₱8,000:2% of the amount you’re putting in
Putting money over the counter, below the monthly free limit of ₱8,000:Free

Cash-Out Fees

When you take money out of your GCash wallet, you might have to pay a fee. The fee can be between 0% and 2% of the money you’re taking out, and it depends on where you’re doing the cash-out, like which partner you use.

Taking out money from over-the-counter places:2% of the amount you’re taking out
Withdrawing money from a bank account:₱15
Using the GCash MasterCard at an ATM in the Philippines:₱10 to ₱18
Using the GCash MasterCard at an ATM outside the Philippines:₱150

Send Money Fees

When you send money to another GCash user, you might have to pay a fee. The fee can be between 0% and 2% of the money you’re sending, and it depends on whether the person you’re sending it to has a GCash account or not.

Sending money using Express Send:Free
Sending money using Send with a Clip:Free
Sending money using Ang Pao:Free
Sending money through a bank transfer:₱15
Sending money to Maya and other e-wallets:₱15
Requesting money or KKB (Kada Kada sa Barkada):Free
Sending money using GCash Padala:₱5 or 15% of the amount you’re sending

Bill Payment Fees

You have to pay a fee when you use GCash to pay your bills. The fee changes based on who you’re paying and how much you’re paying.

Paying bills to those with fixed fees:Free to ₱60
Paying bills to those with fees based on a percentage:2% of the bill amount

Online Payment Fees

You pay a fee when you use GCash to buy things online. The fee changes based on where you’re buying from.

Interest-free during the billing time:3% to 5%
The penalty fee for not paying the loan within 1–30 days after it’s due:₱200
Penalty fee for not paying the loan within 31–60 days after it’s due:₱500
Penalty fee for not paying the loan within 61–90 days after it’s due:₱900
Penalty fee for not paying the loan 90 days or more after it’s due:₱1,500

GCash MasterCard: Exploring Account Fees

GCash MasterCard when you want to check your balance, if your card has not been used for a while, and if you want to get a new card.

Checking balance at an ATM:₱3
Checking the balance at an ATM outside the Philippines:₱50
Fee for not using the card for a while (dormancy fee):₱50
Buying GCash MasterCard in person:₱150
Buying GCash MasterCard online (with delivery fee):₱215

Reducing GCash Charges: Easy Tips

Pick Partners with Lower Fees

  • Look at the list of GCash partners for adding money and choose the ones with the cheapest fees.

Use GCash to Pay

  • Some shops give discounts or money back when you pay with GCash. This can help balance out the fees.

Plan Bill Payments

  • GCash lets you plan when to pay bills. This way, you can avoid late fees and get ready for the payment.

Skip Small Buys

  • GCash fees are a bit of a departure from the money you’re moving. To pay less, group small buys into one big buy.

Upgrade Your GCash Account

  • If you use GCash a lot, think about getting a higher-level account. This can get you lower fees and more money to move around.

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How can I withdraw money from GCash without fees?

You can’t take money out of GCash for free. If you want to move money from GCash to your bank or another e-wallet (like Maya), it costs ₱15. If you do it over the counter, there’s a 2% fee.

How can I transfer money from GCash to PayPal?

You can learn how to send money from GCash to PayPal by reading the steps in this article.

What fees come with cashing in and out with GCash?

GCash has fees for putting money in and taking money out. The fees change based on how much money you’re dealing with and the way you’re doing it. For example, if you put money in at a 7-Eleven, you pay 1.5% of what you’re putting in. But if you use a bank account to put in money, there are no fees for transactions up to PHP 8,000.

How can I minimize my GCash fees?

To pay lower fees on GCash, pick cheaper ways to put money in or take money out, like using a bank or an authorized partner. When you use GCash for bills or buying things, try to do it with more money at once to reduce how often you do it and the fees. Also, look for promotions and cashback deals in the GCash app—they can help you save money on fees. Keep an eye out for these deals and use them when you can.

Are there any fees for sending money to other GCash users?

Sending money to friends on GCash is free, no matter how much you send. But if you take the money out at certain places, you might have to pay fees.

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Using GCash comes with fees, but if you know them and find ways to pay less, your GCash experience gets better. Remember, fees might change, so it’s good to check GCash’s website or app for updates.

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