How to Load Cignal Using GCash 2024

In our tech-filled world, GCash is super handy for doing money things, like adding credit to your Cignal TV. It means you don’t have to go out to pay or use paper stuff. I’ll tell you why it’s great and how to load Cignal using GCash in 2024.

Load Cignal Using Gcash

Top up your Cignal account easily using Gcash with these simple steps:

  1. Put money into Cignal using Gcash View All.
  2. Add credits to Cignal quickly with Gcash Bills.
  3. Load Cignal quickly by sending a text message.

Load your Cignal subscription easily using Gcash’s simple choices.

Cignal can be loaded using Gcash via View All

Step 1: Go to your Gcash app. Click on View All.

How to Load Cignal Using GCash 2024

Make sure you have enough credits before you buy the load package for a smooth transaction.

Step 2: Under Pay, hit the Non-Telco Load icon.

How to Load Cignal Using GCash 2024

3: Enter your mobile number, where the PIN and serial number will be sent.

How to Load Cignal Using GCash 2024

Step 4: Hover over the PAYTV tab.

How to Load Cignal Using GCash 2024

Step 5: Select the Cignal TV prepaid package you wish. Select Next.

How to Load Cignal Using GCash 2024

Step 6: Verify the details you entered. Select Pay to complete the transaction.

How to Load Cignal Using GCash 2024

Step 7: After that, you will see the confirmation page.

How to Load Cignal Using GCash 2024

8: Wait for the confirmation SMS, which will contain the Cignal E-Pin and serial number.

How to Load Cignal Using GCash 2024

Step 9: Take note of the pin and top up via SMS and the Cignal Web Loading Tool.

Cignal can be loaded into Gcash using Bills

Bills are another simple way to load Cignal with GCash.

How to Load Cignal Using GCash 2024
  1. Open your Gcash account with your password or fingerprint.
  2. Tap “BILLS” on the main screen.
  3. Pick “CABLE/INTERNET” in the “PAY BILLS” section.
  4. Type “CIGNAL” and choose the Cignal icon.
  5. Enter:
    • How much you want to add.
    • Your 10-digit account number.
    • Account Name.
    • You can add your email if you want.
    Then, check “Yes! I agree to pay XX and Ginsure Bill Protect” and tap “NEXT.”
  6. Double-check your details.
  7. Tap “CONFIRM” to finish.
  8. You’ll see a confirmation when it’s done.

Load Cignal Prepaid using PayMaya

Reload your Cignal TV easily using the PayMaya app’s simple method.

  1. Open your PayMaya app.
  2. Tap on “Load.”
  3. Type in “Cignal” and choose the prepaid package you want.
  4. Enter your Cignal account number.
  5. Confirm your choice to finish.
  6. You’ll get an SMS confirming your transaction was successful.

Make loading your Cignal TV Prepaid easier by using the PayMaya app.

Cignal, GCash, and PayMaya Hotline

  1. Cignal Support: Encountering Cignal e-PIN loading issues? Reach out to the Cignal Care Hotline, available from Monday to Sunday, 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.
    • For Metro Manila: Call (02) 88-888-222
    • Provincial (toll-free): Dial #88-222
    • Text Line: 4681 8222
    • Email:
  2. GCash Concerns: Got questions about GCash? Address your concerns by submitting a ticket through the GCash app. Here’s how:
    • Open GCash app
    • Go to Profile > Help > Submit a Ticket
    • Fill out the form with your query
  3. PayMaya Assistance: For help with PayMaya, you can reach out through:

If you have any problems with Cignal, GCash, or PayMaya, these easy options can help you get quick and good help.

What is Cignal?

Cignal TV started in 2009 and is a top satellite provider in the Philippines. They offer lots of channels like HD, movies, international shows, news, kids’ stuff, and entertainment. Cignal has different packages for people and businesses.

It’s a part of MediaQuest Holdings Inc. and uses Smart Communications’ electronic loading system. Cignal uses cool satellite technology instead of regular cables to give you entertainment.

To load Cignal using GCash in 2024, you can get the Prepaid Ultimate HD Kit for P1,990. It has a dish and a set-top box. Or if you already have a dish or want to change providers, you can get the Prepaid HD Box for only P1,490.

Get better entertainment with Cignal TV, your way to awesome satellite entertainment.

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How do I know my Cignal account number?

To get a prepaid load for Cignal, use your account number and follow these easy steps:

  1. Find Your Cignal Account Number:
  • Check your Cignal Statement of Account (SOA) for the number.
  • If you don’t have the SOA, look at the back of the Smart Card in the Set-Top Box (STB).
  1. For Smart, TNT, and Sun subscribers:
  • Send a text: CIGNAL SC (12-digit smart card number).
  • Send it to 5353. You’ll need a regular load for this.

Buy a prepaid load for your Cignal easily by following these simple steps.

Is there a fee for how to load Cignal using GCash 2024?

No worries! You won’t be charged any extra fees when you buy a Cignal load using the GCash app. You only pay for the prepaid load you choose. It’s easy and hassle-free to load Cignal using GCash!

How do I check the Cignal load expiration?

Easily check when your Cignal Load promo ends. If you’re with Smart, TNT, or Sun, send a text saying “CIGNALEXP” to 5353. Remember, there might be a fee for this. Just a simple text can keep you updated on your Cignal promo’s validity!


In a world where convenience matters, how to load Cignal using GCash 2024 is a question many are asking. Using GCash to load your Cignal subscription is a smart choice. It simplifies the process, ensures security, and offers you control over your payments. Say goodbye to traditional payment methods and embrace the digital era with GCash.


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