How To Transfer Regular Load To GCash

Changing your normal phone load to GCash is easy with GCash’s simple app. Want to know how to transfer a regular load to GCash? Just get their app on your phone. Then, with a few clicks, you can put money into your GCash account and pay your bills. The cool thing? Usually, your money transfer happens in one workday, and they’ll send you a message to confirm it’s all done. GCash is super popular in the Philippines because it’s a great app for managing money.

Exchange Regular Load to GCash?

Once a time, you could turn your normal load into GCash pretty easily. Here’s how you did it:

  1. Get the GCash app and put it on your phone.
  2. Sign up and log into your GCash account.
  3. Pick “Cash-in,” then select “Prepaid load to GCash.”
  4. Put in how much you want to change.
  5. Say “yes” to confirm, and when it’s confirmed, your load turns into GCash.

However, they stopped offering this service because there were worries about people doing bad stuff. So now, you can’t turn your load into GCash directly anymore.

But don’t worry; there’s another way to do it. Instead of changing your load into GCash yourself, you can sell your load to someone else. Then, they can send the same amount of money to your GCash wallet. You can do this using Globe’s “share-a-load” and “Pasaload” features. The main idea is to sell your prepaid load for a bit less than what it’s worth in GCash. For example, you could sell a load worth Php 100 for only Php 80. This makes it a good deal for people because it’s cheaper.

Steps to Convert Load to GCash:

There are a few ways to change your load into GCash. Let’s talk about them here:

Globe Load to GCash:

You can move your Globe load to another Globe or TM user using “Share-a-load.” It costs a small fee of 1 PHP. You can do this by dialing *143# or by sending a text message.

Share-A-Load Through *143#

To sell the load, follow these steps using *143#.

  1. Open your phone’s dial pad and type *143#.
    • Press the call button. Then, enter 14 and choose “My Account” from the menu.
How To Transfer Regular Load To GCash

2: Type in 4 to pick one of these options: Share-A-Load, Promo, or MB.

How To Transfer Regular Load To GCash

3: Select from the given choices:

  1. Share Load without a PIN.
  2. Share Load with PIN.
  3. Share a promo with a PIN.
  4. Share the promo without a PIN.
How To Transfer Regular Load To GCash

4: Enter the total amount that you want to load.

How To Transfer Regular Load To GCash

5: Enter the 10-digit receiver mobile number. Always enter 2 in place of 0 (the first digit).

How To Transfer Regular Load To GCash

Share-A-Load Through SMS:

When you share a load using SMS, you have two options: with a PIN or without a PIN.

With PIN: Open your texting app, type the amount and your PIN, then send it to the phone number starting with 2 instead of 0. For example, to send a PHP 50 load to 09178909823, text “50 PIN (1345)” to 29178909823.

Without PIN: Open your texting app, type the amount, and send it to the phone number starting with 2 instead of 0. For instance, to send a PHP 50 load to 09178909823, text “50” to 29178909823.

After sending, you’ll get a message asking for confirmation. Reply with “yes,” and within five minutes, the load will be sent.

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“Convert” Smart Load to GCash:

Just like with Globe, you can move Smart load to another Smart user using ‘Pasaload.’ This costs a small fee of PHP 2 for each transfer. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Open your texting app.
  2. Type PASALOAD and then the receiver’s 11-digit phone number.
  3. Send the message to 808.

For instance, if you want to send a PHP 50 load to the number 09203224349, text PASALOAD 09203224349 50 to 808.

That’s all! The process is done.

What is Gcash?

Gcash is a popular phone wallet app in the Philippines. It helps you do lots of stuff, like send money, pay bills, buy groceries, and shop online. One cool thing it does is change your regular phone load into Gcash money that you can use for different things. This guide will show you how to do that in 2024.

Convert load to GCash without an app:

Here’s how to change your load into GCash without using the GCash app:

  1. Dial *143# on your phone to go to the Globe/TM menu.
  2. Choose “GCash” from the menu options.
  3. Pick “Load Wallet” in the GCash menu.
  4. Enter the amount you want to turn into GCash and confirm.
  5. Wait for a text message from Globe/TM confirming your transaction.
  6. Once confirmed, the converted amount will be in your GCash account.

Remember: You need to be a registered GCash user to do this.

How to convert a load to GCash using CLIQQ:

Here’s a step-by-step guide to changing your load to GCash using CLIQQ:

  • Open your GCash app on your phone and log in.
  • On the GCash main screen, select “Cash In” and then pick “7-Eleven” as the way to add cash.
  • Enter the amount of load you want to turn into GCash.
  • A barcode will show up on your screen. Take a picture of this barcode or write down the reference number they give you.
  • Go to a 7-Eleven store and go to the cashier. Tell them you want to use CLIQQ to put money into your GCash.
  • Show the cashier either the barcode or the reference number, and pay the same amount in cash. The cashier will scan the barcode or type in the reference number to finish the transaction.
  • The money you paid at 7-Eleven will be added to your GCash account in a few minutes.

Remember, there might be a charge when you add money to GCash using 7-Eleven. Also, the smallest and biggest amounts you can add might change. To know the most recent info about fees and limits, check the GCash app or website.


How To Convert Regular Load To GCash?

Since 2017 and even now, you can’t change your normal load straight into your GCash. The only way to do it now is by swapping the load and then moving it to your GCash account afterward.

How to Transfer Load to Globe?

To share your prepaid load with someone using a Globe mobile number. Send the load amount to the number 2 plus the 10-digit mobile number. Change the first “0” of the number to “2.” For example, send 100 to 29123456789.

Can I transfer the GCash load to cash?

No, you can’t turn the GCash load into cash, but you can use it for lots of digital transactions.

Is there a fee for transferring a regular load to GCash?

GCash might ask for a small fee when you transfer a load. The fee depends on how much you’re transferring.


In conclusion, changing your normal load to GCash lets you do lots of easy digital stuff. By following these steps, you can turn your phone load into digital money. And use all the cool things GCash offers.


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