How to Pay Spaylater Using Gcash

Spaylater helps you pay for things over time. If you use Spaylater and want an easy way to pay each month, you can use GCash. GCash is a phone app that many people in the Philippines use to pay for stuff.

This article will teach you how to use GCash to pay your Spaylater bills. That way, you can handle your money better and always pay on time.

Steps to Pay Spaylater Using Gcash:

You have the option to use GCash to pay Spaylater. Here’s how you can do it:

1: In the Spaylater section of the Shopee app, click on the icon.

How to Pay Spaylater Using Gcash

2: Select “Pay Now” in the payment options.

How to Pay Spaylater Using Gcash

3: Review your current bill amount and then click on “Pay Now.”

How to Pay Spaylater Using Gcash

4: Click on “Pay Now,” and if prompted, select the payment method for making the bill payment.

How to Pay Spaylater Using Gcash

5: Select your preferred payment method and then click “Confirm.”

How to Pay Spaylater Using Gcash

6: Log into your account, input the total amount, and then press the “Pay” icon.

How to Pay Spaylater Using Gcash

Later on, you’ll receive a notification confirming that the transaction was successful.

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How much of a loan can I get from Spaylater?

Usually, Shopee provides a Php50,000 loan for Pay Later. However, this limit might increase if you make payments on time by the due date.

Is there a way to increase the Spaylater limit?

Shopee gives you more Spaylater money depending on how you’ve used credits and loans before. If you pay on time, you can get the most money you’re allowed to have.

Does Shopee offer Spaylater deals?

Spaylater lets you split the money you owe into smaller parts that you pay over time. Plus, you might get free shipping vouchers when you use Spaylater to pay.

Can I deactivate Spaylater?

Sorry, once you turn on the feature, you can’t take it off. Your best option is not to use it for paying on Shopee.


Learning how to use Gcash for paying Spaylater brings lots of great options in digital money matters. Gcash is fast, safe, and gives cool extras, making it perfect for Spaylater deals.

Remember, both Gcash and Spaylater are always trying to make things better for users. Your thoughts and ideas help them grow and make things even better for everyone.


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