How to Change Name in GCash

If you want to change your name in GCash, it’s not too hard. GCash is an app in the Philippines that helps you do money stuff on your phone. You can send money, pay bills, and do other money-related things with it. But sometimes, you might need to fix your name on it because you got married or want to make sure your name is right.

I’ll help you figure out the easy steps to change your name in GCash. If you got a new name because you got married or your old name was a mistake, no worries! Follow these steps, and you’ll have your name sorted out in no time. Let’s make sure your GCash profile is all good with the right name!

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Steps: How to Change the Name in GCash:

Changing your name in GCash is a straightforward process. To begin, follow these easy steps!

1. On the right bottom of the screen of the GCash app, click the “Profile” tab.

How to Change Name in GCash

2. Then click your name above or the arrow next to it.

How to Change Name in GCash

3. When you’re on the app, go to where your account stuff is. You’ll see things like your name and information there. Look for a button that says “Edit Profile“; it’s usually at the top.

Important thing: If your account isn’t checked and verified, you might not be able to change your name yet. That’s okay! Make sure all the account stuff is sorted first. Then you can fix your name.

How to Change Name in GCash

4. After successfully changing your name, you’ll receive an SMS containing an authentication code.

5. To update your profile, please allow at least 72 hours from the time you enter the code.

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Reasons to Change Name in GCash

Your name is super important when you use this app. Sometimes, you have to change it for important reasons like these:

1. Verification purposes

If your name is spelled wrong, it can cause some problems. You might not be able to use all the stuff in the app, such as sending money, buying things, or connecting with your bank.

To make sure everything works, your name has to be right. So, when you put in the correct name, it helps the app check your ID faster, and then you can enjoy all the features.

2. Smooth Transactions

Your name is like a superhero for smooth transactions! It helps make sure you don’t mess up and send money to the wrong person. When you see the other person’s name on the screen, it’s like a double-check to make sure everything is right. This way, you know you’re sending money to the right person, and no mistakes happen. Your name is like a protective shield for your transactions!

3. Authentication and Security

Telling your name is like a superhero movie against online tricksters. It helps keep you safe in the digital world. Also, if something goes wrong and you need to take legal action, having your name makes it easier to track what happened in the past. So, sharing your name is like having a powerful tool to protect yourself and catch the bad guys if needed!

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Can I use a different name in GCash?

No, you can’t use a different name in GCash. They need to check your real information when you sign up, like legal papers and stuff. You can only change your name for important reasons we talked about before. So, you have to stick with your real name to keep everything square and legit!

What documents are needed for changing the name in GCash?

When you’re fixing your name in GCash, grab a valid ID. But if it’s about changing your last name, the ID should show your new last name and say if you’re single or married. That’s all you need to do to get your name sorted out in GCash!

What are the valid IDs accepted by GCash?

To expedite the name update process, GCash suggests using the following IDs:

  1. Driver’s License
  2. Passport
  3. PhilHealth ID
  4. Postal ID
  5. PRC ID
  6. SSS ID
  7. UMID
  8. Voter’s ID

If you don’t have the IDs we talked about, don’t worry. You can still use other ways to show who you are. Send a message to the GCash Help Center, and they’ll help you out with different kinds of identification. So, no stress if you don’t have those specific IDs!

What if my name has an error in my only available ID?

If your only ID has a different way of spelling your name, no problem. Give them extra papers, like your birth certificate.

But if even your birth certificate has the wrong name, you can only fix it if you asked for a correction before. So, add those extra papers, and you’ll be good to go!

Is there a fee for changing my name on GCash?

Usually, GCash doesn’t make you pay to change your name. But it’s smart to look at their rules, just in case. Better safe than sorry. So, give their policies a quick look before you make any changes!

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Changing your name on GCash is easy and makes sure your account information is right. Follow the steps, and your transactions will be smooth, and your GCash will be all personalized. If you get stuck or have questions, tap on GCash support. They’re there to help you out.


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