0898 What Network? Smart or Globe?

Is 0898 for Smart or Globe? Well, it’s actually for DITO. DITO Telecommunity runs this mobile prefix in the Philippines. They’re a big telecom company in the country, and they have more than 8 mobile prefixes. DITO Telecommunity has a main office in Udenna Tower, Bonifacio Global City, with over 300 employees. In 2021, their annual revenue was around 2 billion pesos.

0898 Mobile NetworkDito Telecom
Dito websiteWebsite Link
Dito APPAPP Link
Total APP Installs10M
Average Rating3.5
Last UpdatedDecember 24, 2023

About 0898 Mobile Network

In the Philippines, if you see the numbers 0898 or 63898 at the beginning of a phone number, it means that the phone is with Dito Telecom. The first four digits, known as the mobile prefix, can tell you which network the phone belongs to. So, if a number starts with 0898, it’s linked to Dito, like in the example of 08981234567.

Sorting Through Many Prefixes

Lots of companies have more than 70 different prefixes for phone numbers. Remembering all of them can be tough, so an easy trick is to focus on the first four digits. That way, you can figure out which network it belongs to.

0898 Means TNT

In the Philippines, when you see 0898, it means it’s from Dito Telecom. Just remember, it’s different from other providers like Globe Communications.

What are the mobile prefixes in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, when we talk about mobile prefixes, we’re talking about the first four numbers in an 11-digit phone number. It’s like a secret code that tells you which company the phone number belongs to.

Knowing this code is useful, especially in the Philippines. It helps you figure out the company, so you can choose the best services and deals for your phone.

Other Dito Numbers List


What is the area code in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, all mobile numbers have a special code that everyone around the world recognizes, and it’s +63. Every phone in the country, no matter which company it’s from, uses this code.

How do I purchase DITO Load online?

If you want to buy DITO Telecommunity Load online, get their official app. It works for both Android and iOS phones.

How to Check Your DITO Load Balance?

Via DITO Telecommunity APP
  1. Get the DITO Mobile App.
  2. Sign up with your current and working phone number in the app.
  3. Open the app to check more information about your number, like your remaining load and when it expires.


If you want to know everything about DITO Telecommunity and mobile prefixes, check out this article for all the details.


You found out that 0898 is for DITO Telecommunity. Share this with your friends and family! Wondering about other mobile prefixes and their networks? Check out this list of Philippine mobile network prefixes for all the details.


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