0924: What Network? Smart or Globe?

The phone number starting with 0924 belongs to SUN Cellular in the Philippines. Sun Cellular is a big phone company in the country, and they have more than 14 different sets of numbers that start with 0924. The company has over 390 employees all around the Philippines. SUN Cellular is also connected to SMART Communications, which is the largest phone company in the Philippines.

0924 Mobile NetworkSmart Communication or TNT
TNT WebsiteWebsite
Smart Communication websiteWebsite
Smart Communication APPDownload
Total APP Installs10M+
Average Rating3.7
Last UpdatedDecember 5, 2023

What are the mobile prefixes in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, the first four numbers of an 11-digit phone number are called the mobile prefix. For example, if your number starts with 0924, that’s your mobile prefix. It’s like a special code that tells you which phone company the number belongs to.

Knowing this code is useful, especially in the Philippines, because it helps you figure out which network someone is using. This can be helpful when choosing the best way to communicate or taking advantage of specific services and deals offered by that network.

Why know the mobile prefix?

Knowing the mobile prefix in the Philippines is super helpful because:

  1. Special Deals: You can get offers that are just for your network.
  2. Save money: Talking or texting with people on the same network can cost less.
  3. Avoid Oops: You won’t dial the wrong number, so you save time and phone credit.

So basically, knowing your mobile prefix makes communication better, and cheaper, and helps you use network perks.

How do I purchase SUN Cellular Load online?

To buy SUN Cellular Load online, get the CoinsPH app on your Android or iPhone.

How do you check your SUN cellular load balance?

Via Mobile Device
  • Just type *221# on your phone.
  • An AI voice will tell you how much SUN cellular load you have and when it expires.
  • You’ll also get a text message with all the details about your current load and when it runs out.
Via SUN Cellular Website
  1. Go to their official website.
  2. Sign up with your SUN Cellular phone number.
  3. Log in, and you’ll see all the details about your phone, like your current load.

SUN Cellular Contact Information

Mobile Users


Landline Users

(02)8395 – 8000  

Note: To find out more information about SUN Cellular phone numbers, check out this article.

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