0956 What Network? Smart or Globe?

So, you have a number that starts with 0956. Well, that means it’s under Globe, not Smart. Globe is one of the big telecom companies here in the Philippines. They’ve got lots of these numbers, starting with different digits. They have around 37 or more! Globe’s a big deal here, with thousands of workers and stores nationwide. And hey, in 2017, they made a whopping 135.28 billion pesos in revenue! That’s a whole lot of money!

How do I purchase Globe Load online?

You can download their official app to buy a load for Globe online. It works for both Android and iOS phones.

How do you check your Globe Load balance?

Via Mobile Device
  • Dial *143# on your phone.
  • Hit 7 for Balance Inquiry and then send.
  • A little window will show your Globe Load Balance and when it expires.
Via Globe One APP
  • Get the Globe Telecom app.
  • Sign up with your current phone number.
  • Open the app to find out how much load you have left and when it expires.

Globe Contact Information

Mobile Users


Landline Users


Facebook Messenger

Globe Facebook Messager


Globe Twitter

Note: This article provides all the details about Globe Telecom’s mobile prefixes.


Do the Philippines have 5G Internet connections?

Yes, some big cities are ready for 5G in the Philippines.

What is the mobile number area code in the Philippines?

The mobile area code in the Philippines is +63. For example, +635723912086.

How many active mobile subscribers are in the Philippines?

According to 2023 research, there are 169.4 million live mobile users.


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