Where is SOC 3 Shopee?

In the fast-moving online shopping world, keeping things safe is super important. Shopee, a big online store, takes safety. If you’re curious about where Shopee’s SOC 3 (a security thing) is, you’re in the right spot. This article will dive into Shopee’s safety steps and how they make sure people can shop. So, let’s find out the secrets of how Shopee keeps everything secure with SOC 3!

What is SOC 3 in Shopee?

SOC 3 stands for Shopee Xpress Sorting Center 3. It’s like a big storage place where they handle packages before sending them to your door. If you buy stuff on Shopee and check where your package is, you might see “your parcel has arrived at the station: SOC 3” or “parcel has been received at sorting facility SOC 3.”

So, SOC 3 is like a middle spot where they get all the things people buy online. They sort everything out by looking at where it’s supposed to go and what type of package it is. It’s like a busy place that helps make sure your order gets to you in the right way.

Where is SOC 3 Shopee Location Philippines – Find Out Here

What is SOC 3 at Shopee all about? Let me break it down for you! Shopee Express is faster than Poslaju because Poslaju can sometimes be slow with deliveries.

But here’s the thing: Shopee also has some issues. Sometimes, packages end up stuck at different places like SOC 3, PRK, SOC 2, U10 (Shopee Express), SOC 4, MP3, DDR, and more in Malaysia and the Philippines. When you check the tracking, it might say “parcel has arrived at station SOC 3.”

I get it; it’s important to know where your stuff is. If you’re here, your package is hanging out at the SOC 3 Shopee Express logo sorting center.

Where is SOC 3 Shopee

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one dealing with delays for your package at SOC3. A bunch of other people are having the same problem with their deliveries too.

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SOC 3 Shopee Location Philippines

SOC 3 is near Paranaque, and someone thinks it’s on LIIP Ave., Binan, Laguna, Philippines. I put a map location around there. If you know where SOC 3 is, drop a comment, and I’ll check and update the information in this post.

Where is SOC 3 Shopee

SOC 3 Station Shopee Express Contact Number!

If you need to find out where your package is at SOC 3 Shopee Express, give them a ring at +603-2777-9222. Feel free to call and ask about your parcel. It’s important, especially when lots of people are shopping, to make sure you get your package on time.

Operating Hours of Shopee Express SOC3 Station

  • Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 5:30 PM
  • Saturday: 9 AM to 1 PM
  • Sunday: Closed

So, you know, right now, you can’t pick up your Shopee Express packages from there. It’s only a place for sending stuff out. In the future, they might let you pick up your packages, but not right now.

How do I track the location of my Shopee parcel stuck at SOC 3?

If your package seems stuck at SOC 3 and you want to check what’s going on, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Shopee app on your phone or go to the Shopee website and log in.
  2. Click on the “Me” tab.
  3. Under “My Purchases,” pick “To Receive.”
  4. Find the thing you bought, and tap on the delivery icon to see where it is.

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Closing Thoughts on Station SOC 3: Shopee

If you know where SOC 3 Shopee Express sorting center is or what SOC 3 Shopee means, drop a comment, and I’ll add it to our post. Your information helps everyone figure out exactly where the SOC 3 sorting center is. And if you’re having trouble tracking your package, you can check out SPX tracking for help.

Why are parcels stuck in the sorting facility?

A sorting facility is a place where they organize packages before sending them to people. Sometimes, packages get stuck there, and a few reasons why this happens are:

  • Bad Labels: If a package doesn’t have the right label, it’s hard for the workers to know where it should go. This can make your package take longer to get to you.
  • Hard-to-Read Address: If the address on your package is hard to read, the workers might have a tough time figuring out where it needs to go, causing delays.
  • Broken Packages: If a package is damaged, it’s tough for the workers to handle it, which can slow down the sorting and delivery process.
  • Wrong Sorting Code: If the sorting code on a package is wrong, it might end up in the wrong place and get stuck there.
  • Nobody to Receive: If the person who’s supposed to get the package isn’t there to pick it up, it can stay at the sorting facility for a while.

To avoid your package getting stuck, make sure it’s labeled right, has a clear address and sorting code, and that someone can get it when it arrives.

Logistics partners of Shopee

When Shopee delivers stuff in your area, they team up with these companies:

  • Flash Express
  • Gogo Xpress
  • J&T Express
  • Ninja Van
  • Standard Delivery or Shopee Xpress
  • XDE

And if you’re ordering from stores outside your country, Shopee works with these partners:

  • 2Go
  • Entrego


In conclusion, SOC 3 Shopee is like a superhero that keeps your information safe on Shopee. Shopee takes big steps to make sure your data is secure. Like doing regular check-ups, training their workers, and being strict about who can access your information. They’re serious about keeping your stuff safe!

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What is SOC 3 compliance?

SOC 3 is like a guide for companies to keep their information safe. It checks that they’re doing things right, especially with money stuff. When a company gets SOC 3, it’s like a badge saying, “We’re good at keeping your information secure.” They show it off to let people know they’re doing a great job.

Why is SOC 3 important for e-commerce platforms like Shopee?

SOC 3 is a big deal for online shops because it tells customers that their information is safe and sound. It helps people trust the online store more, and trust is super important for these businesses to do well and have a good name.

How does SOC 3 Shopee ensure data security?

SOC 3 at Shopee makes sure your information stays safe. They use strong codes, check things often, teach their workers about safety, and only let the right people get to the information. It’s like a superhero for your data!

What is the role of employee training in SOC 3 compliance?

Making sure employees know the deal with data security is super important for SOC 3. It’s like giving them the knowledge and skills to keep customer information safe. Training helps them understand what’s crucial to protecting people’s information.

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