How To Loan Load in Smart

Imagine living in a world where everyone is always connected through their phones. But what if your phone runs out of battery? No worries! Smart Communications, a big phone company in the Philippines, has a solution: loan loading. In this guide, we’ll show you easy steps to make sure you always have phone credits when you need them. Stay connected with Smart!

Understanding Loan Load with Smart

Loan Load is a helpful service from Smart. It lets you borrow phone credits ahead of time, and then you can pay them back later. It’s super handy when you don’t have much money but need to make a call, send a quick message, or use the internet on your phone for important stuff. It’s like a rescue button for your phone!

Eligibility and Requirements

Alright, to use Smart’s loan loading, you need to qualify first. This means you should load your phone and keep a certain amount of balance.

Now, to check if you can get a loan, you’ve got two choices:

  1. Send a free text saying “LOAN INFO” to 4949.
  2. Give a call to Smart Customer Service at 888.

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How to Loan Load in Smart

Step 1:

Access your phone application and input *123# into the dialer.

How To Loan Load in Smart

Step 2:

Input the number associated with “Balance and Services” and then press the Send button.

How To Loan Load in Smart

Step 3: 

Enter the number corresponding to “Smart Credit,” and then press the Send button.

How To Loan Load in Smart

Step 4:

Select the promotion you wish to borrow by dialing the relevant number.

How To Loan Load in Smart

List of Borrow Load Smart Offers (Smart SOS Load)

Load TypeDescriptionHow to RegisterValidityCost
FB58MB Facebook accessDial *5623#, select Data, FB56 hours₱5
COC58MB COC accessDial *5623#, select Data, COC56 hours₱5
UBER58MB Uber accessDial *5623#, select Data, UBER56 hours₱5
WAZE58MB Waze accessDial *5623#, select Data, WAZE56 hours₱5
BIG79 texts to Smart/TNTText SOS BIG7 to 76761 day₱7
BIG1010 texts to all networks, 3 texts to Smart/TNTText SOS BIG10 to 76761 day₱10
SURF10300MB mobile data, 30-minute calls, and unlimited textsText SOS SURF10 to 76761 hour₱10
All Out Surf 20150MB mobile data, 20 minutes of calls, and unlimited textsText SOS ALLOUT20 to 76761 day₱24
All Out Surf 3020 minutes of internet surfing (for Smart Broadband Subscribers)Text SOS ALLOUT30 to 76762 days₱36
UCT 30100MB mobile data, unlimited calls, and unlimited textsText SOS UCT30 to 76761 day₱36
BRO SURF1020 minutes internet surfing (for Smart Broadband Subscribers)Text BRO SURF10 to 76761 hour₱10

Smart Broadband subscribers can also get 20 minutes of internet surfing by texting BRO SURF10 to 7676.

Tips and Tricks

Want to make the most of your smart loan? I’ve got some cool tips for you! Learn how to check how much loan you have left, and if you ever want to stop it, I’ll show you how. How to send a load smart.

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Using Smart Philippines for loans is super helpful, especially if you use your phone a lot. Our guide will help you understand how to get a loan, so you can keep chatting even when you’re low on balance. Stay connected with Smart’s loan service and talk whenever you want. Keep it simple, and stay smart!


How do I check my loan balance?

Just send a text with “SOS BAL” to 7676.

Am I eligible for utang load’ from Smart?

If you use Smart, you can borrow loads or get special deals. It’s like getting a little help when you need it!

How can I pay for my Smart loan load?

All the money you borrowed will be taken from your next reload automatically. Or, if you want to pay it back on your own, text “PAY” to 7676.

What is SOS Load?

SOS Load is like a handy tool from Smart that lets you borrow loads to call and text. It’s like a quick fix when you need it!

What smart brands are allowed to use this service?

Subscribers of Smart Prepaid and Bro Prepaid across the country.

How can I avail myself?

Dial *123# on your phone, go to “Balance and Services,” choose “Smart Credit,” and pick the load you want.

Is this service available for roaming and international subscribers?

No, this service is unavailable for roaming and international subscribers.

How many times can I borrow?

After you pay back your first loan, you can ask for another one. But remember, you can only borrow one load at a time.

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