How to Use GCredit in PureGold

GCredit is like a special credit card in the GCash app in the Philippines. With it, you can buy things and pay for them later, like a regular credit card. But here’s the cool part: it’s all on your phone using the GCash app! This is super handy, especially when you’re shopping at places like PureGold. If you want to use GCredit at PureGold, we’ve got an easy guide for you. It’ll show you step-by-step how to do it and give you some tips to make your shopping even better.

Use GCredit in PureGold: Steps to Follow

Here’s how you can use GCredit at PureGold:

Step 1: Check Your GCredit Eligibility and Limit

To use GCredit, make sure you’re a verified GCash user with a good GScore, kind of like a trust score in the app. Your GScore goes up when you use GCash a lot and pay on time. Here’s how to check if you’re good to go:

  • Open your GCash app.
  • Go to ‘Manage Credit.’
  • See your GScore and how much GCredit you can use.

Step 2: Activate GCredit

If you can use GCredit, here’s how to turn it on:

  • Open the GCash app.
  • Tap on ‘Manage Credit.’
  • Do what the app says to start GCredit.
  • Put in your information and say you agree.

Step 3: Shop at PureGold

Now that GCredit is ready, go to PureGold:

  • Shop for groceries like usual.
  • At the cashier, tell them you’ll pay with GCredit.

Step 4: Paying with GCredit

How to use GCredit when you’re paying at the store:

  • Open GCash and pick ‘Pay QR.’
  • Scan the PureGold cashier’s code.
  • Type in how much you’re spending.
  • Before saying “OK,” switch to GCredit.
  • Confirm, and wait for it to finish.

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Step 5: Keep Track of Your Dues

Keep an eye on your GCredit to stay on top of things:

  • Open GCash and go to ‘Manage Credit.’
  • Check your balance and when you need to pay next.
  • Pay what you owe before the due date to avoid extra charges and keep a good GScore.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Purchase

Congratulations! You paid for your stuff at Puregold using GCredit. Now, you can enjoy what you bought and head back home.

Tips for Using GCredit in PureGold:

  • Be Smart with Money: While GCredit is handy, make sure to budget and not overspend.
  • Look for Deals: Check out GCash and PureGold offers to save money when using GCredit.
  • Check GScore: Keep an eye on your GScore to keep or boost your credit limit.


Can I use GCredit for online and in-store purchases?

GCredit works for buying stuff online or in the store at PureGold. It gives you options for how you want to shop.

Are there any additional charges for using GCredit?

No, GCredit is simple to understand. No secret fees, and a clear and affordable way to pay.

Can I track my GCredit transactions?

Yes, keep an eye on your GCredit stuff using the PureGold app. Check your payments and when the next ones are due.

Is there a minimum purchase requirement for using GCredit?

No! With GCredit, you can shop for any amount. There are no rules about how much you have to buy. Use it for big or small stuff—whatever you like!

How often can I make GCredit payments?

You get to decide how often you pay. GCredit has different plans for payments, so you can pick what works best for your money.

What happens if I miss a GCredit payment?

If you forget to pay on time, no worries! PureGold gives you extra time and lets you know with reminders. Keep an eye on your payment dates to avoid any hiccups.


GCredit is a way to pay at PureGold. It’s easy to use, and you don’t need cash or a regular credit card. Follow the steps we talked about, and you’ll have a smooth shopping experience.

Adding GCredit to your shopping routine gives you more flexibility and is super handy. Be responsible when you use it, and enjoy the perks of being a GCash user!


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