How To Send Money From Paymaya To GCash

Welcome to the ultimate guide on seamlessly transferring money from PayMaya to GCash. In this comprehensive article, we’ll walk you through every step, ensuring a smooth experience. If you’re wondering “how to send money from PayMaya to GCash,” you’re in the right place!

Paymaya and GCash

PayMaya and GCash, leading online wallets in the Philippines, offer similar functionalities such as bank transfers and online payments. Initially, I believed cross-transactions between them were impossible due to their telecom affiliations (Globe for GCash and Smart for PayMaya). Consequently, I exclusively used GCash for GCash transactions and PayMaya for PayMaya. However, it’s entirely feasible through their bank transfer feature.

In this guide, we’ll demonstrate how to send money from your PayMaya to a GCash account. Ensure your PayMaya account is verified for this process. If not, refer to our guide on verifying your PayMaya account.

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1. Log in your PayMaya Account

Launch the PayMaya app on your mobile device and input your password to access your account.

How To Send Money From Paymaya To GCash


After logging into your PayMaya account, navigate to the main menu screen and tap on “Bank Transfer,” located as the third icon from the left beneath your available balance.

How To Send Money From Paymaya To GCash

3. Select GCASH

On the following screen, you’ll find a list of available banks for money transfers. Scroll down and choose GCash from the options.

Select GCASH

4. Fill in the details

  1. Enter the desired amount for the transaction.
  2. Specify the purpose as either a payment or a personal transfer, using ‘PERSONAL‘ for transfers to your own GCash account.
  3. Input the account details, including the account number or linked mobile number.
  4. Provide the first and last name associated with the GCash account.
  5. Once all details are entered, tap CONTINUE to proceed with the transaction.
Fill in the details

5. Confirm your transfer

Upon the subsequent screen, a summary of your transaction details will be displayed. Review all the information carefully. If everything is accurate and in order, proceed by tapping the SEND button.

How To Send Money From Paymaya To GCash

6. Enter the One-Time PIN

You will receive a one-time PIN via SMS on the mobile number linked to your PayMaya account. After receiving it, enter the 6-digit PIN and tap “Proceed.

How To Send Money From Paymaya To GCash

7. Take note of your Reference ID

An additional summary of your transaction details will appear, featuring a Reference ID. The screen will indicate that your transfer is in progress. Capture the Reference ID by taking a screenshot, which may prove useful in case of any issues with your transaction.

How To Send Money From Paymaya To GCash

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In conclusion, sending money from PayMaya to GCash is a straightforward process that empowers users with convenient financial transactions. By following our step-by-step guide, you can effortlessly navigate through the transfer process, ensuring a seamless experience. The interoperability between PayMaya and GCash opens up a world of possibilities for managing your funds on the go. Embrace the simplicity and efficiency of this money transfer method, connecting your digital wallets with ease. Experience the freedom to move your money securely between platforms, making financial management more accessible than ever. Send money from PayMaya to GCash confidently, unlocking the full potential of these versatile mobile wallet solutions.


How do I initiate a money transfer from PayMaya to GCash?

Open your PayMaya app, navigate to the “Send Money” feature, select GCash as the recipient, enter the amount, review the details, and confirm the transaction.

Is there a fee for transferring money between PayMaya and GCash?

Transaction fees may apply, depending on your provider’s policies. Check the fee structure within the PayMaya app or GCash platform for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

How long does it take for the money to reflect in my GCash account?

Typically, transfers between PayMaya and GCash are processed in real-time. However, occasional delays may occur due to network or system issues.

Can I reverse a transaction if I made an error in the transfer details?

Once a transfer is confirmed, it’s usually irreversible. It’s crucial to double-check all details before confirming the transaction to ensure accuracy.

Are there any limits on the amount I can transfer from PayMaya to GCash?

Transfer limits may vary based on your account type and provider regulations. Refer to the terms and conditions on both the PayMaya and GCash platforms to understand any limitations on your transactions.

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