2024 Talk N Text Mobile Prefixes: Your Comprehensive Guide

This list shows all the phone numbers that start with Talk N Text. They began in the early 2000s and have around 16 million users because their phone plans are cheap. Talk N Text is now by SMART Communications.

TNT used to be called Mobiline, Phone Pal, and Talk ‘N Text. It’s a phone service in the Philippines, and Smart Communications owns it. They used the 912 area code for their old phone service.

Are mobile prefixes important?

Yes, those mobile prefixes are like clues. They tell us which phone company someone is using.

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How many telecom providers are in the Philippines?

Right now, there are 6 big phone companies in our country: SMART, DITO, GLOBE, SUN, TM, and TNT.

Complete List of Talk N Text Mobile Prefixes

Mobile PrefixesNetwork Providers
0907Talk ‘N Text


Does the Philippines have 5G Internet connections?

Yes, in big cities all around the Philippines, some places are now set up for 5G.

What is the mobile number area code in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, when someone from another country wants to call you, they use +63 before your 10-digit mobile number.

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How many active mobile subscribers are there in the Philippines?

In 2019, 169 million people were using mobile phones in the Philippines. The number might go up more because of the ongoing pandemic.

Why is it important to determine the sender’s mobile number prefix?

In the Philippines, it’s crucial to know which phone network a number belongs to. This helps you figure out which phone plan you should use to call or text someone. But don’t stress! Most phone companies have cheap deals with unlimited calls and texts to all networks.

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