How To Pay Foodpanda Using GCash

GCash is an app for your phone that helps you with money stuff, and Foodpanda is an app for getting yummy food delivered to your door.

When you use both of these apps together, it’s like a super easy way to order food or groceries without any trouble. We’re here to show you how to connect these apps so you can buy things without any problems.

Why Link GCash to Foodpanda

Why it’s important to use GCash for Foodpanda:

  • Easy Payments: Pay for your food and groceries using your GCash account. No need for cash—it’s like magic money on your phone!
  • Speedy Checkouts: When you connect to GCash, ordering and paying for your food becomes lightning fast. Quick and simple, the way we like it!
  • Extra Safe: GCash is like a superhero for your money. It adds an extra shield to your transactions on Foodpanda, keeping your cash super safe.
  • Cashback and Deals: Get special GCash deals and even get some cash back when you use it to pay on Foodpanda. It’s like getting bonuses for ordering your favorite food!
  • Money Watchdog: GCash keeps track of all your food spending. It’s like having a superhero sidekick that helps you manage your money better. Super useful!

So, when you connect your GCash to Foodpanda, you’re in for a treat—it’s faster, safer, and helps you save some dough!

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Setting up GCash

Downloading and installing the GCash app

Ready to use GCash? Here’s what you have to do:

1. If you have an Android phone:

  • Go to Google Play.
  • Search for “GCash” and download the app.

2. If you have an iPhone:

  • Head to the App Store.
  • Type “GCash” in the search bar and download the app.

Once you have the app, you’re all set to start using GCash.

Creating a GCash account

Now that you have the app, let’s set up your GCash account. It’s easy; follow these steps:

  • Open the GCash app.
  • Put in your phone number and make a safe PIN code.
  • Check your messages; you’ll get a 6-digit code. Put it in to make sure it’s you.
  • Finish signing up by providing some more information, like your name and email.

That’s it! You’re all good to go with your new GCash account.

Verifying your identity

To use all the stuff in GCash and do more with your account, you’ve got to show it’s you. Here’s what you do:

  • Verify Yourself: They might ask for some official papers to check you’re you.
  • Different for Everyone: How you prove it can change depending on where you are and what GCash wants.

By doing this, your GCash is all setup and ready for action! Now, let’s talk about how to use it to pay for your Foodpanda goodies.

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How to Pay Foodpanda through Gcash

Select GCash as Your Payment Method

Time to wrap up your order on Foodpanda! Here’s what you do:

  • Go to Checkout: When you’re done picking your food, head to the checkout page.
  • Pick GCash: Look at the payment options and choose “GCash.” That’s how you pay for your yummy stuff.

Login to GCash

  1. Once you pick GCash, it might ask you to sign in. If you already have the GCash app, you can skip this part and go to step 3.
  2. If you’re not logged in, type in your phone number connected to your GCash. Then, click “Next” to keep going.

Enter the 6-Digit Authentication Code

  • GCash will send you a 6-digit code to the phone number you gave them.
  • Look for that code on your phone and type it in where it says on the Foodpanda app.
  • Click “Next” to make sure it’s all good.

Enter Your 4-Digit MPIN

  • Once you check that 6-digit code, it’s time to put in your 4-digit secret code (MPIN) to make sure it’s you making the payment.
  • Type in your MPIN where it asks.
  • Tap “Next,” and you’re all set to finish up your payment.

It’s that easy! Follow these steps, and you’ll be using GCash to pay on Foodpanda like a pro.

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Step-by-Step Method to Link GCash to Foodpanda.

Doing this is much like what we talked about before, with a tiny change.

Here’s an easy way to handle it without any worries or problems:

Sign up or Log In to Foodpanda

  • If you don’t have a Foodpanda account yet, make one. If you already have one, log in using your username and password on the Foodpanda app on your iPhone or Android device.

Place Your Food Order

  • Check out all the yummy food or grocery stuff on the Foodpanda app.
  • Pick what you want and put it in your cart.

Select GCash as a Payment Method

  • When you’re done picking your food and ready to pay, go to where it says how to pay. Pick “GCash” as how you want to pay.

Log In to Your GCash App

  • It will ask you to sign in to your GCash account to pay. If you don’t have the GCash app yet, you might have to get it.
  • Type in your phone number linked to your GCash account, and press “Next” to keep going.

Review and Authorize the Payment

  • GCash will show you information about what you’re buying. Check to make sure everything’s right.
  • When you’re sure, click “Allow” to finish paying.

Enter the 6-digit Authentication Code

  • GCash is going to send you a 6-digit code to your phone. Look in your messages for it.
  • Put that 6-digit code in the Foodpanda app where it says. Tap “Next” to make sure it’s all good.

Complete the Transaction with Your MPIN

  • Once you check that code, it will ask for your 4-digit secret code (MPIN) to make sure it’s you paying.
  • Type in your MPIN and tap “Next” to finish up the payment. It’s those easy steps.
  • And, once you’re done with that, then you’re…

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Tips for Keeping Your GCash and Foodpanda Accounts Secure

  • Strong Passwords: Make sure your GCash and Foodpanda passwords are strong and different. Change them from time to time.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Turn on 2FA for extra security. It makes it tougher for anyone trying to get in without permission.
  • Keep an Eye on Your Accounts: Check your transaction history on GCash and Foodpanda. If something seems off, catch it early.
  • Protect Your Device: Keep your phone or computer safe with updated security stuff. It helps guard against viruses and online dangers.
  • Watch Out for Tricky Stuff: Be careful with weird emails, messages, or links. Some of them might be trying to trick you. Always check where they’re coming from.
  • Keep Secrets Safe: Don’t share personal or financial information, especially if someone contacts you out of the blue. Stay smart and stay safe online!

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Can I pay Foodpanda using unverified GCash?

Before you can pay with GCash on Foodpanda, you have to make sure your GCash account is verified.

GCash wants to check things out to keep everything safe and follow the rules. So, it’s important to finish this verification stuff. That way, you can use GCash to its fullest, not only on Foodpanda but in other places too!

Can I link GCash to Foodpanda?

Yes! You can connect your GCash to Foodpanda for smooth online shopping and safe payments.

Is it safe to use GCash for online payments?

Yes, GCash keeps your transactions safe, making it way better than the old-school ways of paying.

Why should I link GCash to Foodpanda?

Connecting GCash to Foodpanda is super handy. It’s safe, you can pay without using cash, and you might even get some money back.

Can I link multiple GCash accounts to a single Foodpanda account?

No, you can only connect one GCash account to each Foodpanda account for paying.


Enjoy the combo of Gcash and Foodpanda for an easy and fun food ordering time! Cruise through the digital world with speed, security, and deals. Make buying stuff simple, enjoy your food, and have a blast in the era of stress-free online payments.


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