0920 What Network? Smart or Globe?

Is your phone number 0920? If it is, then you’re with Smart, not Globe. SMART runs lots of phone numbers in the Philippines, and they have about 15 or more of these special numbers. SMART is a big phone company in the Philippines, and they have over 6,500 workers all over the country. In 2020, SMART said they had more than 30.53 million people using their service.

How do I purchase Smart Load online?

If you want to buy Smart Load online, get their official app. It works on both Android and iOS phones.

How do you check your Smart Load balance?

Via Mobile Device
  • Dial *123#.
  • Then press 4 and send.
  • A message will pop up showing your Smart Load balance and when it expires.
Via GigaLife APP
  • Get the Smart Giga Life app on your phone.
  • Put in your active phone number when you sign up in the app.
  • Once you’re in, check out your number’s details, like how much load you have and when it runs out.

SMART Contact Information

Mobile Users


Landline Users


Acquiring a Smart Communications SIM card comes with multiple benefits:

  1. Smart has a super-big network that covers a lot of places in the Philippines. This means you get a strong signal almost everywhere.
  2. They have really fast internet, which is awesome for watching videos, playing games, and browsing without any problems.
  3. Smart has different plans for how much internet you need, whether you surf a bit or use a lot of data.
  4. If you travel, Smart makes sure you can still use your phone in other countries with their international roaming service.
  5. Smart often has deals and special offers that make their services even better.
  6. If you ever have a problem, Smart’s customer service is reliable and will help you out quickly.
  7. If you stick with Smart for a long time, they will give you rewards and discounts through their loyalty program.
  8. Smart keeps up with new technology and always brings in digital stuff to make your experience better.
  9. You can easily manage your Smart account online using their website or phone app.
  10. And the best part? Smart has good prices for calls and texts, so it’s a smart choice for talking to your friends and family.

Note: If you want to learn all the details about SMART Communications mobile prefixes, check out this article for everything you need.


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