How to Pay SSS Loan Using GCash

Ever wondered how to use GCash to pay off your SSS loan? Well, it’s easier than you might think! GCash is a super handy app that lets you do lots of things, including paying off your SSS loans. By using your phone and this app, you can settle your SSS loan conveniently without going to an office or standing in long lines. I’ll walk you through the simple steps to make your loan payments hassle-free and quick!

Step-by-Step Guide to Paying Your SSS Loan Using GCash

Step 1: Open the GCash app and tap “Pay Bills.”

To start, open up your GCash app on your phone. Then, when you’re in, look for the “Pay Bills” thing and give it a tap. It’s usually a button you can see on the screen, like in the picture they show you.

How to Pay SSS Loan Using GCash

Step 2: Tap “Government.”

Now, you’re at the “Pay Bills” part. Look for “Categories” and tap on “Government.” It will show you a bunch of government places where you can pay online using GCash.

How to Pay SSS Loan Using GCash

Step 3: Select “SSS Loans—RTPL”

Keep going down the list of government stuff and tapping on “SSS Loans—RTPL” (RTPL means Real-Time Processing of Loans).

If finding “SSS Loans—RTPL” is tricky, you can just search for it at the top. Easy peasy!

How to Pay SSS Loan Using GCash

Step 4: Enter your SSS loan payment details

This part is super important; you have to put in information about your SSS loan payment. But don’t stress! We’ll make it easy, so you won’t make any mistakes.

How to Pay SSS Loan Using GCash

Put the right details in the right boxes:

  • PRN: Put in your payment reference number (PRN) for the loan payment. Find it on your My SSS account by clicking “PRN-LOANS.”
  • Account Number: Type in your loan account number. Remember, it’s not your SSS number! You can get this on your My SSS account under “PRN-LOANS.”
  • Payor Type: Usually, it’s “individual.”
  • Country: If you’re in the Philippines, pick “Philippines.”
  • Amount: Enter the exact amount you’re paying (even the cents). For a consolidated loan, type in the exact total amount.
  • Email Address: You can pop in your email for a receipt if you want. Once you’ve put in all the needed stuff, hit “Next” to keep going.
How to Pay SSS Loan Using GCash

Step 5: Review your payment details

Check your payment details and make sure they’re all correct. It’s super important! Look at the PRN number, especially. GCash can’t check if it’s right or wrong, so you have to do it. If the PRN’s wrong, your money might go bye-bye, and we don’t want that!

How to Pay SSS Loan Using GCash

When everything looks good and you’re sure your SSS loan payment details are right, just tap on “CONFIRM” to send your payment. Easy as that!

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Step 6: Your payment is successful!

If everything’s okay, your SSS loan payment will happen right away. GCash will send you a text to tell you it’s done. The text will say something like, “Your payment to SSS Loans (RTPL) for (amount) with zero fees has been processed. It’s all happening real quick!”

Hey, if something goes wrong on the GCash app after you pay, first check if the money was taken from your GCash. If it’s still there, the payment might not have worked. You could give it another shot and try making the payment again. Sometimes things just don’t click the first time!

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How to Get Your Payment Reference Number (PRN) for SSS Loans

The payment reference number, or PRN, is crucial for paying your SSS loan. You can’t use GCash or any other online way to pay your SSS loan without this number. It’s like the secret code you need!

The easiest way to get your PRN is by logging into your My SSS account. If you don’t have one yet, you can find out how to sign up and activate it in a guide.

After you’ve logged in, click on the “PRN-LOANS” link in the menu. It will lead you to your loan account page. That’s where you’ll find your PRN. Easy, right?

How to Pay SSS Loan Using GCash

In the section called “ACTIVE LOAN/S WITH PRN (FOR THE MONTH),” you’ll see details about your current loan, like:

  • Payment Reference Number (PRN)
  • Type of Loan
  • Loan Date
  • Loan Account Number
  • Total Amount of Money You Owe
  • The amount you need to Pay
  • Amount Due
How to Pay SSS Loan Using GCash

Sometimes, the SSS might send your payment reference numbers through email or text messages. But if you didn’t get them or lost them, no worries! Just log in to the My.SSS portal to find your PRN. Right now, the SSS mobile app only shows PRNs for contributions, not for loans. So, to get your loan PRNs, use a web browser to log in to your My SSS account.

How to Know if Your SSS Loan Payment Has Been Posted

When you pay your SSS loan, it usually shows up right away, but sometimes it might take a few hours. You’ll get an email from the SSS confirming they got your payment and added it to your loan account. Keep an eye on your email for that message!

To check if your SSS loan payment is in your account, log in to the My.SSS website. Click on “PRN – LOANS” in the menu. Your payments that went through will be there in the “PAID PRN” part.

How to Pay SSS Loan Using GCash


Can I use GCash to pay overdue SSS loans?

Absolutely! GCash allows you to settle overdue SSS loans conveniently. Ensure you follow the standard payment process within the app.

Is it safe to link my SSS account to GCash?

Yes, GCash employs robust security measures. Your data and transactions are encrypted, providing a secure environment for linking your SSS account.

Are there any transaction fees for using GCash to pay SSS loans?

GCash transactions are known for their minimal fees. Rest assured, the convenience of paying your SSS loan outweighs any nominal charges.


Being a GCash user has lots of good stuff, like paying bills online. It’s cool because you can use GCash to pay your SSS loan, and you don’t have to go to a bank or payment center. And now, with the SSS Real-Time Processing of Loans (RTPL), paying your SSS loan using GCash means it gets done super quickly—no waiting around for days to know it worked!

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