How to order Jollibee Fast-Food Online | Get 24/7 Customer Support Online

Are you craving the delicious taste of Jollibee but need help or have questions? No problem! Jollibee has several ways for you to reach out and get the support you need. Whether it’s through their hotline, website, or social media, you can quickly find answers to your queries.

Whether it’s about Jollibee menu price or party packages, you’ll get a prompt response. In this article, we’ll provide a simple guide on how to connect with Jollibee for online food ordering, assistance, and customer support. If you’re curious about the estimated delivery time or have concerns about charges, we’ve got all the details covered. 

Let’s explore the different options to ensure a smooth Jollibee experience. There are three easy ways to order Jollibee food from the comfort of your home, and we’ll discuss each option in detail. Stick with us, and you won’t be confused!

Jollibee Hotline: #87000 – Your Direct Line for Assistance

Craving Jollibee menu delights but need some assistance or just want to order food online? The quickest way to connect with Jollibee’s support is by dialing their hotline at #87000. Here’s a sweet deal – you can call without worrying about credit; it’s absolutely free! The dedicated customer service team is ready to help with any inquiries or concerns you might have.

Jollibee Website: A Hub of Information and Support

Navigating the Jollibee website is like stepping into a virtual world of delicious possibilities. Besides checking out the Jollibee menu prices and ordering food, you can use the website as a resource for tracking deliveries, learning about the latest promotions, and submitting inquiries or feedback. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your Jollibee needs.

Jollibee Android & iOS App

The third and easiest option is the Jollibee mobile application. With just a few taps, you can check out the full menu, customize your order, and easily place it for delivery or pickup. Plus, you can keep an eye on your order until it reaches your doorstep. The app also gives you the latest scoop on exclusive promotions, making it the perfect sidekick for Jollibee fans who are always on the move.

Other Channels for Information and Support

Social Media Channels: Connect, Engage, and Enjoy

In the age of social media, Jollibee is just a message away. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, connect with Jollibee through direct messages or public posts. The social media team is responsive and committed to providing timely assistance, making it an interactive and convenient way to get in touch.

Estimated Jollibee Delivery Time: Plan Your Feast

Planning your Jollibee feast and wondering when it will arrive? Jollibee strives to deliver your order in approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour, giving you a heads-up to prepare your taste buds for the flavorful journey ahead.

Is Contacting Jollibee at #87000 Chargeable? Let’s Clarify

Concerned about charges when calling Jollibee’s hotline? Fret not! Typically, reaching out to Jollibee at #87000 does not incur charges. The customer service hotline is designed to be a toll-free avenue, ensuring you can enjoy assistance without any financial worries.


Jollibee is all about making you happy! They really care about making you satisfied, and they’ve made it super easy to get in touch. So, whenever you’re hankering for some Chickenjoy or have a question, reach out to Jollibee however you like best. They’re ready to make your taste buds happy!

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